5 Songs and what they mean to me

5 Songs and what they mean to me

What’s up guys I’m back again!!! If you’re new here, then welcome, I’m Dallas and I’ll be your blogger today (well and every day). If you’re coming back then I’m glad you found my site so interesting it deserved another visit.

So I’m going to try something new today. I got this idea from a Pinterest post titled ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ but instead of writing for 30 days I’m just going to use the ideas presented as I need them. So one of the ideas on this list was to put your music on shuffle and write down the first 3 songs that play and what your initial thought is. I’m going to spin that a little and do 5 songs and what they mean to me. Okay, let’s start.

  1. High Life – Jake Miller; This song is off the Us Against Them Album and actually was one of the first songs of Jakes that I listened to. This song just brings back memories of listening to the rapper in Geometry class with my friend Shelby our sophomore year. It’s just a fun song to listen to and probably one of my favorite Jake Miller songs.
  2. Distance – Jack and Jack; one of their first singles and definitely one of my favorites. This song makes me think of my sister because she just loves Jack and Jack so much and they make her happy, which in turn makes me happy. The song is a slower one and always makes me want to come up with some new contemporary choreography, but that might just be the dancer in me coming out.
  3. Man of the Hour – Peyton Sanders; oh wow I might start crying while listening to this one. I remember when I found Peyton on YouTube and fell in love with him. And then I found out he was friends with Austin Mahone and it just made it better. This song Peyton actually wrote for Austin and it just shows how much their friendship means to him. I guess I also connect this to my personal life because if I could sing I’d write a song for my best friend so she knew I was proud of her and believed in her and couldn’t believe we had made it as far as we have.
  4. Can’t Help Fallin Over the Rainbow *Mashup* – Kenny and Capri Holland; Kenny just has such an amazing voice and his little sisters compliments it very well. They sing one of my favorite Elvis songs, Can’t Help Falling In Love as well as the song everyone knows from the Wizard of Oz movie: Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This song just makes me smile, there’s really nothing more for me to say.
  5. Not Far – Austin Mahone; he wrote this song for his grandma who passed away a little while ago. I remember the first time I heard it I was having a rough day after school and was stressed to the max and crying and just a mess. And then Austin released this song and it made me think of my own grandma who always made me feel better and I instantly felt better. Now, every time I miss my grandma, I can listen to this song and feel better.

Okay guys, that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed this song and if you want to check them out I will post links at the end so you can do so. Make sure to follow all my social media accounts (links will also be at the end) and feel free to interact with me!!! As always if you Tweet me, comment to me, Snap me or whatever, I will shout you out in the next blog!!! Until next time, peace out homies!

-xox, dalg98

Snapchat: dallaas74

High Life
Man of the Hour
Can’t Help Fallin Over the Rainbow
Not Far



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