Fictional Places I Want to Travel to

Fictional Places I Want to Travel to

What’s up guys! If you’re reading this you’ve managed to stumble upon my blog!! So welcome and welcome back if you’ve been here before!

So the election is over here in America. We have a new president. I’m writing this before the results are actually in though so I don’t know who it is. All I know is that at this moment in time, I’d love to be anywhere but here. Not just because of the election, though that is a big reason, but also because I live in Michigan and it’s cold and I hate the cold.

As a kid I’m sure we all read books and have wanted to visit places that we’ve read about. Or we watched movies and thought ‘wow, it’d be cool to go there!’ I know I have. And if you were like me, as a kid you played games like ‘Explorers’ or ‘Adventurers’ where you let your imagination run wild and instead of being stuck at home, you were soon in a jungle in Africa or a place full of mystical creatures.

Today we’re going to talk about some fictional places that I wish were real so that I could go to them and escape my normal, boring life.

First up on the list….Neverland. Okay, so I had a ginormous crush on Peter Pan as a kid. Like major. And when I went to Disney back in April, I saw him in one of the parades and that crush came flooding back. I mean how can you not have a crush on Peter? He’s brave and adventurous and cares about his friends. Since I was a kid I’ve wished Neverland was a real place so I could go and meet the love of my life, Peter Pan. I’d want to fight pirates and swim with mermaids. I’d want to fly around with Peter at my side, not having to worry about life or anything and just be able to be a kid again.

This next one might be obvious is you know me. I’m a huge Potterhead. I love everything having to do with Harry Potter and have read the series like four times. I’ve saw every movie more than once. So obviously I want to go to Hogwarts. Take some magic lessons. Play Quidditch. Go to Hogsmead. Have tea with Hagrid. I don’t even need to be with Harry Potter, I just want to go. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to go to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios and live my dream.

What about Mount Olympus from Hercules? The Disney version of course. Okay, this is a real place and I honestly didn’t know that. I just Googled it though. I’d still want to go because it’d be cool to see where the gods supposedly lived. And maybe run into Hercules? Of course I’d have to go in the time period of Hercules though…or it wouldn’t be the same….

Emperor Kuzco’s palace is next. In addition to my crush on Peter Pan, I had a crush on Kuzco growing up too. Even though at the beginning of his story he’s a total jerk and through most of it he’s a llama, he was cute when he was human. And it’d just be cool to be in a palace. With Kuzco. As a cute human. And not a llama. Because that’d be weird. OKAY MOVING ON.

Next up, Wonderland! So I have a confession. I didn’t watch Alice in Wonderland until I was like 17. I know, I know, how dare I. And I actually saw the version with Johnny Depp before I saw the cartoon version. Anyways, I would actually love to go to Wonderland. It’s full of creatures that we only see there and not anywhere else. And they look so cute and cuddly. You’re lying if you say you never wanted to have a tea party with the Mad Hatter and an unbirthday party with the March Hare. And ponder life with the Cheshire Cat.

Agrabah is the last stop on our fictional tour. AND YES THIS IS ON THE LIST BECAUSE I LOVE ALADDIN MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. I think Aladdin was my first crush. Not gonna lie and not gonna be embarrassed by that one at all. He’s perfect!!!! I love him so much. Judge me. He’s caring and funny and a beautiful human…you know, for a cartoon. I’d love to hang with him and Abu and Jasmine. Why wouldn’t you? Fly on theĀ magic carpet. Chill with Genie. Take a stroll through the marketplace. Cause some trouble. It’d be perfect!!!


Okay, I’m done. Those are the places I would most love to visit. Most of them are from Disney movies because even as an adult, I love Disney. I grew up watching these movies, well, except Alice in Wonderland. I hope you enjoyed coming on this tour with me. Comment some of the places you’d like to visit, real or fictional. I hope you learned a little more about me and the numerous crushes on Disney guys that I had/have. Until next time, make sure to follow me on all my social media accounts! And yes, I listened to Disney music while writing this blog. Lol, later homies!!!

-xox, dalg98



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