My Favorite Vacation

My Favorite Vacation

What’s up guys it’s Dallas and I’m back with another blog post!!! Also, you should be proud of me because I didn’t wait until the last second to write this and wrote it Monday night instead of the normal Tuesday night at eleven o’clock.

The other day I went to church with a friend and then we went and got coffee afterwards. It was the first time we had really hung out so we didn’t know much about each other. We started out with basic questions that everyone asks, ‘where are you from?’ ‘what’s your major?’ ‘do you have any brothers or sisters?’ blah blah blah. Then she asked me the question ‘what is your favorite vacation you’ve taken?’ I really had to think about it because my family kind of travels a lot. We go to Texas quite often as well as Florida and I got to Washington D.C. every year for the March for Life with my mom.

I started thinking about all the places I’ve been: Florida, Texas, Indianapolis, Chicago, D.C., Mackinaw Island, Ohio, Mexico, and probably a lot more but those are the major ones. Today I thought I’d tell you guys about my favorite family vacation.

In March of 2009 I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the first time. The whole Gomez crew went, my family, my Tia Vicky, Uncle Stephen, Tia Becca, Uncle Victor, aunt Heidi, cousins Adriana, Vicky, Tito, Andrew, and Adam, and my grandpa. A few weeks before our vacation, tragedy had hit our family and we had lost our grandma Lupe, my grandpa’s wife and dad’s mom. It was really hard on all of us, especially since it was the first time us kids were going with the grownups to Mexico and grandma was supposed to be there too.

I remember we left for the airport in Chicago…(maybe? It might have been Detroit…) and I rode with my cousins Adriana and Vicky. I don’t remember any of the plane ride at all, but I’m sure I enjoyed it because I love flying. We got to the house we would be staying at and it was incredible. It was shaped in like a square with the middle completely open. There was a pool in the center and enough rooms for everyone. I couldn’t give you a play by play of the vacation because it was a while ago.

Some of the things that do stand out to me still make me smile and laugh to this day. I remember my brother fell into the pool after shooting his toy bow and arrow into the middle and trying to fish it out. I remember cartwheeling on the beach with my cousins and my uncle joining in. I remember eating a lot….and a lot of good food.

One night we went to this fiesta thing that was cool. There was a lot of dancing. My cousins and I hung out most of the time. Once we got locked out of the house after shopping or something and my dad had to lift my cousin over the fence so she could let us in. We went to the beach. We shopped at flea markets. We went up into the mountains and ate at the place where they shot the Predator movie.

I remember getting grumpy because it was hot out but refusing to go swimming for whatever reason. We played bingo in Spanish that we got from a little store down the road from our house. We ate a lot of junk food and good Mexican food.

I think this was my favorite vacation not because we went to Mexico or got to go to the beach, but because it was right after my grandma passed and we were all together and got through the tough time together. I love travelling, but no vacation will ever compare to that one. I went to Puerto Vallarta again a few years later, but it didn’t have the quite the same feeling it did the first time.


So that’s it guys! My favorite vacation! I hope you liked this post and liked my story! If you want to hear about my other travelling experiences, let me know on Facebook!!! The link will be below this!!! Until next time lovelies!!

-xox, dalg98



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