A basic Thanksgiving post because I am basic

A basic Thanksgiving post because I am basic

What’s up guys it’s Dallas, back with another blog post! And this time it’s on Wednesday instead of Friday!

So Thursday aka tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’M SO EXCITED. After living on college cafeteria food and Jimmy Johns for the last few months it’ll be great to have what I consider real food. I’m definitely looking forward to the food as well as spending time with my family and best friend.

Anyways, there’s probably a lot of posts like this out in the world and as you’ve probably saw by the title, this is another basic Thanksgiving post. What can I say? I’m basic! Without further ado, here are some things that I am thankful for this year!

  • No longer having braces!!! I finally can eat all the things I couldn’t with those metal contraptions on my teeth. Wings, popcorn, gum….and rocks. (I’m not joking that was on the ‘do not eat’ list….who eats rocks??) Since I’ve gotten my braces off I’ve gotten a lot more confident. Whether it’s contributing more in class or talking to that cute boy down the hall, I feel a lot better about myself! In addition, getting my braces off makes me look slightly more my age I think so there’s that.
  • My family! College has definitely been a struggle, but hey, I haven’t dropped out (yet…just kidding mom I won’t drop out) and I’m doing well in classes and my family plays a big part in that. I know I wouldn’t be where I am without the support system I have behind me and I can’t wait to see all my crazy family members this weekend.
  • Spencer Sutherland. Just look at him. Tell me he’s not gorgeous. kn1slsgw
  • Food, it’s a girl’s best friend, what can I say?? If you follow my blog you may have read this post which talks about the love of my life. Just read it and you’ll figure out how it relates to this. (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a boy)
  • My parents! So in high school I had some friends that didn’t have as strong of a relationship with their parents as I did. They were disrespectful to them and I just didn’t understand it. Honestly, my mom is like my best friend. We tell each other everything and we’re even getting mother-daughter tats in December….and my dad is the strongest guy I know. He’s always been my shoulder to cry on and while mom doesn’t like watching movies like The Hunger Games and The Purge, dad is always up for a movie night with the series’. I honestly can’t imagine not having such a strong bond with my parents.
  • Jake Miller. Again…just look at him…I love him so much 🙂 jake-miller-overnight-debut-tracks-artwork-02

Okay that’s all guys! I hope you all have a wonderful Turkey Day and if you need me I’ll be overdosing on mashed potatoes and pie (but not pumpkin because ew)! And if you’re going shopping Friday, good luck to you! I will be too and you can keep up with me and my adventures on my social medias which will be below! Until next time lovelies!!!

-xox, dalg98



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