December book recommendation!!

December book recommendation!!

What’s up guys I’m back! Did ya miss me?

I know I missed last week and if you’re following my Facebook page then you know that I have been so incredibly busy! Finals are coming up and I have a group project due tomorrow and Christmas is almost here! Yes, very busy. But, the semester is almost over and then I have a break before starting new classes!!!

Anyways, if you hadn’t guessed by the title, I have a new book recommendation for you lovely readers today.

If you kept up with the Olympics at all this summer, then this is a name that you probably heard of. And no, it’s not Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps. It’s a Houston native, flipping and twisting, majorly talented, Zac Efron fanatic. SIMONE BILES!!!!! And she recently released her very own book called ‘Courage to Soar’ which I read in like, less than 24 hours.

Simone’s book follows her through her journey to the 2016 Summer Olympics. Through the ups and downs, the good times and bad. It made me laugh and then cry and then laugh again. In addition to getting to learn more about my girl Simone, I got an inside look at the rigorous training schedule, big time struggles, and major perks of being a gymnast.

Would you believe me if I told you Simone and I are twins? Okay, we don’t look like we are but we are. Let’s just look at this for a minute: we both love Zac Efron (well, who doesn’t). We both love Jake Miller (considering she was in the Overnight music video). We started watching The Vampire Diaries pretty much simultaneously. We’re protective over our baby sisters. We’re big in our faith. We pretended we were the Cheetah Girls as kids. We love turtles. “Here I Am Lord” is our favorite church song. TWINS I’M TELLING YOU.

Anyways, so I read Simone Biles’ book really quickly and I know it’ll be one of those books that I can read over and over and never get sick of. In addition to learning about the gymnastics world and getting a glimpse into Simone’s life, there are some great lessons to be learned from the Olympian. One thing that really stuck out to me was that no matter what, this girl didn’t let one mistake dictate how anything else went. If anything, she used the mistake to make sure everything else looked ten times more perfect.

I definitely recommend this book (and not just because I’m convinced Simone and I would be best friends). And with Christmas coming up you should have this at the top of your list! Simone is one of my idols and getting to read all about her was incredible. Who knows, maybe she’ll see this blog post and it’ll spark a great friendship.

That’s all I have for you guys today! I’ll put a link to Simone’s book at the end along with all of my social medias that you can keep up with!!! Until next time lovelies!!!

-xox, dalg98



Get Simone’s book HERE


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