2016: My Year Review

2016: My Year Review

What’s up guys I’m back after a small break!

So it’s December 28th and the year is almost over. It’s gonna be 2017 soon and because I am basic, I feel that I have to do a ‘year in review’ post.

Lots of things happened this year, some of them good and some of them not so much. I finished one journey and started another. I said goodbye to old friends and hello to new ones. I completed one chapter of this crazy book of life only to flip the page and start a different one. So what happened this year? Well….

I graduated high school – after growing up in such a small town, saying goodbye to kids I’ve known literally my entire life was kind of depressing, relieving, and exciting all rolled into one. As I walked up to get my diploma I was so proud of myself and how far I’d come. I was excited to start a new journey after finishing this one.

I worked at an ice cream shop – actually it was my first real job. I learned a lot and even though some days I hated it, I was kind of sad to leave at the end of the summer. Hopefully I’ll go back this year though.

I saw Jake Miller, Jack and Jack, Daya, Rajiv Dhall, and Spencer Sutherland in concert – usually I watch all of these people on YouTube but this year I got to see them perform live. I just saw Rajiv and Spencer on the 23rd. I got to meet them and OMG they were so sweet. I saw Jake perform in Chicago, which, if you read my Chicago post you would know. And then I saw Jack and Jack and Daya with my little sister who is OBSESSED with the Jacks. I love going to concerts and I hope in 2017 I am blessed enough to go to more.

I started and completed my first semester of college – definitely different than high school, but I made it through and on January 4th I’ll be starting my second semester as an Eastern Michigan Eagle. I absolutely love college, even though it’s kind of tough to be away from family. I’ve grown more as a person, student, and even in my faith because of college.

I wrote my 100th blog post – this blog has come so far since I started a couple years ago. I’m very proud of it and think it’s the one thing in my life that I 100% am honestly proud of. If you want to check out my 100th post, click here!!!

I voted for the first time – even though a lot of people here in the U.S. aren’t happy with how the election turned out, I GOT TO VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT FOR THE FIRST TIME! I thought it was a cool experience, even though the election didn’t go the way I wanted it to and a lot of others wanted it to.

I went indoor skydiving – when I went to Florida for spring break, on the last day all of us kids went indoor skydiving. It was amazing and even though my hair was an absolute disaster, it was an incredible experience. (And our instructor guy was cute so…)

I publicly opened my hear to Jesus Christ – I went to a Catholic conference in Steubenville, Ohio back in June. It was awesome and I felt so close to the Lord. I opened my heart to Him in front of all of the people there and it was such an exhilarating experience. I think this was my favorite moment of 2016 to be 100% honest. I loved it.


Ok guys, that’s my year in review. I hope y’all had an AMAZING Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you celebrated and I hope you have a fun New Years Eve as well! I will talk to you in 2017!!!!!! Later homies!!!

-xox, dalg98

















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