If You Give a Girl a Sister – an original short story

If You Give a Girl a Sister – an original short story

If you give a girl a sister, you’ve given her a new best friend. Someone for her to talk and laugh with, and love no matter what. You’ve given her a lifelong companion, and someone to stick through thick and thin with.

The sisters will grow together, both in their minds and in their bodies. They’ll grow smarter, taller, wiser, and in so many other ways. But they won’t be alone on their journey, because they’ll have each other.

The two will become inseparable. They’ll do everything together, from eating meals to brushing their teeth to daydreaming about everything under the sun. One might leave sooner than the other, but it won’t matter because distance is just a number in their minds.

Everything will be a competition. Grades, boys, friends, styles. But at the end of the day, the sisters will put their competitions aside and focus on the love they have for each other. Because that’s what sisters do.

Memories will be made. Staying up past bedtimes, first days of school and lasts, starting new life chapters, boyfriends, sleepovers with each other and without. Laughter will be shared and so will tears. But they’ll have the memories to last them a long time.

Arguments will be had. Over small and stupid things, like stealing clothes. Over bigger things like lies. But what kind of relationship doesn’t have its arguments? These fights make them stronger and bring them together instead of breaking them apart.

If you give a girl a sister, you’ve given her someone to protect. Someone to keep safe from the dangers of the world. Someone to hold through thunderstorms and when you hear that bump in the night. Someone to say “it’s going to be okay” to when things are rough and someone to make smile and laugh when tears are rolling.

Sisters know everything. Nothing is kept secret between them. Crushes are known, fears are revealed, dreams are told. Sisters don’t keep anything to themselves because as soon as something happens, they can’t wait to tell the other.

Sisters do everything together. Watch movies. Go shopping. Have spa days. Paint finger nails. Talk about boys and gossip. Stalk the cute ones online. Laugh at nothing until three in the morning and then sleep all day because they’re too tired to do anything else. Go to church together. Pray together. Talk about things that could never possibly happen and things that definitely will happen. Cry together, smile together, laugh together, everything.

They are sisters by chance but best friends by choice. Whether there’s a giant age difference or a small one. You’ve always got someone to laugh with. Someone to stick by your side. Someone to be proud of and someone to be proud of you. Someone to lean on. Someone to stand by you and someone to have your back. Someone who would do anything for you and someone you would do anything for. Someone to pick on you and someone to tell you how amazing you are, even if all you did all day was lay in bed and watch Netflix.

If you give a girl a sister, you’ve given her a role model, a support system, a coach, a protector. But most of all you’ve given her a best friend and someone to always care about her.


Dedicated to my one and only baby sister Landry Maya.

-xox, dalg98


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