Get to know me TAG!!!!

Get to know me TAG!!!!

What’s up guys! I’m back with another blog post! *cues cheering crowd noises*

So it’s been a while since I really talked about myself. And I’ve gained some new readers, that probably don’t want to scroll through to find the last ‘about me’ post I wrote. So today I’m gonna do something a little different. On YouTube we always see these ‘tag’ videos. So I’m going to bring my YouTube obsession to my blog and do a ‘Getting to Know Me Tag’ (yes, because they couldn’t tell from the title. Nice Dallas.) So here we go!

I got these questions from the YouTube Society website and am just going to get into it!

  1. What is your middle name? – Lynn. It’s the same as my mom and grandma’s and I wouldn’t ever want to change it, even though I went through a phase in middle school/early high school where I wrote ‘Dallas Amazing Gomez’ on all of my papers.
  2. What is your favorite color? – it honestly changes depending on the day I’m having. Right now I’m really feeling light pink and grey, but the other day when someone asked me I said blue.
  3. Who was your first best friend? – my cousins! I have two cousins who are my best friends still, one is a year older than me and the other is about two months younger. We did everything together growing up, even considering starting a band (though none of us could sing).
  4. How tall are you? – I’m five foot I believe. Yes, very short and my younger brother doesn’t let it go that he’s about an inch taller than me. (P.S. go check out my Short Girl Problems blog post right here)
  5. Cats or dogs? – definitely dogs. Forever. I really want a puppy, but being in college I can’t have a dog in my dorm so that makes me sad, but someday. I’m gonna be that person who grows up and has 18 dogs, just watch.
  6. Funniest moment throughout school? – high school? Probably my Spanish class my freshman year. Or all four years of float building had some pretty funny moments. I couldn’t pick just one.
  7. How many countries have you visited? – counting my own, two. I’ve been to Mexico in addition to living in the United States.
  8. Are you in/gone to college? – yes I am currently a freshman at Eastern Michigan University studying journalism and Spanish!
  9. Favorite/worst subject in high school? – English was my favorite. I hated math with a passion.
  10. Favorite drink? – coffee or the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher from Starbucks. Or just water I guess. I used to be a big pop drinker but I’m trying to stray away from that.
  11. Favorite animal? – a dog. Or a sloth. Or an otter. But mostly a dog. For sure. I want a dog.
  12. Favorite perfume? – I don’t really wear perfume, but I used to wear the pink lemonade stuff from Bath and Body Works all the time.
  13. Tea or coffee? – coffee. Definitely coffee. I blame my coffee obsession on my mom because she is also obsessed with it.
  14. What would you name your children? – okay, if I had a girl I would name her Zelena and if I had a boy I would name him Tyler I think. Maybe. I don’t know. I’m only 18, kids are the last thing on my mind right now!
  15. Sports? – I played softball throughout elementary school but cheerleading (yes it is a sport) was my thing since kindergarten. I also danced from second grade to last year.
  16. Favorite book? – I am currently re-reading The Fault in Our Stars because I love it and could never get tired of it, but I read a lot so I can’t choose one favorite.
  17. Favorite YouTubers? – oh gosh. There’s so many. Right now I’m obsessed with Simply Nailogical and Jess and Gabriel Conte and Jacko Brazier. But you can read all about my recent YouTube interests right here.
  18. Favorite movie? – High School Musical or The Sandlot or The Purge movies or Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List.
  19. Single or taken? – single as a pringle. As I have been my entire life (you might think I’m joking but I’m 100% serious.)
  20. Ideal first date? – honestly? It doesn’t really matter. Coffee or food I guess? Nothing too crazy.
  21. How many bf/gfs? – none. I mean, mentally I’m dating Spencer Sutherland, but like in real life none.
  22. Favorite childhood memory? – riding bikes at my grandparents house with my cousin. Especially when it was right after it had rained and our training wheels would get stuck in the mud but we would still try and ride them which usually ended in us getting covered in muck.
  23. Speak any different languages/how well? – Yo hablo español, pero no muy bien. (I speak Spanish but not very well.)
  24. Siblings? – yes I have one little sister who is nine named Landry but we call her Lala, a 14 year old brother named Emilio, and a six year old brother named Elijah.
  25. How would you describe your fashion sense? – casual. Sometimes dressy. Sometimes edgy (not sure that’s the right word). I wear a lot of t-shirts and sweats/leggings with occasional jeans.
  26. Favorite restaurant? – Jimmy Johns for more of a fast food place, but any place that serves wings/pizza honestly.
  27. Favorite TV shows? – Friends, The Office, Teen Wolf, American Horror Story, Baby Daddy, Young and Hungry.
  28. PC or Mac? – well I have an HP laptop…..but I dream to have a MacBook someday. For journalistic purposes obviously.
  29. What phone do you have? – I have the iPhone 6 I believe. And even though sometimes it hates me, I love it and couldn’t live without it.
  30. One of your bad habits? – biting my nails/the skin on my lips. My mom hates when I do both but I’ve been doing them since I can remember and no matter what I try I always end up doing it. I’ve tried to give it up so many times but it just never works.


Okay guys, that’s all I have for today! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and got to know me a little bit better. If you’re reading this let me know one fact about you through a Twitter DM or Snapchat! (Let me know you’re coming from the blog though or I’ll probably be really confused.) All of my social medias will be linked at the end and you definitely should follow me because I’ll more than likely follow you back and you can keep up with my crazy life. Okay, I’m leaving now. Until next week lovelies!!!

-xox, dalg98

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