10 Things that Happened in High School but not College – 40 Days of Blog #4

10 Things that Happened in High School but not College – 40 Days of Blog #4

Oh would you look at that, I’m back with today’s blog post! And it’s relatively early. I’m currently eating lunch and watching Harry Potter but someone has to write this blog post. So here we are.

Now I’ve been in college for about six months. Have I had some emotional/mental breakdowns? Yes. But I mean most of the time I love being here.

If I have learned anything while being in school this year, it’s that college is so much different than high school. I know a lot of people say that but it’s true. I went to a really small high school and coming to college is like being on a different planet. So without more babbling from me, here are 10 things that happened in high school that don’t happen in college (at least they happened at my high school).

  1. Passes  to do anything or go anywhere – yeah, this was a thing at my high school and you know why? Because people at my old school are really immature and would leave to go to the bathroom or get a drink and come back three years later. So the teachers got ticked off and then we had these little slips of yellow paper that had to be filled out before we went anywhere. Stupid I know. But in college you don’t even have to ask to pee or get a drink or anything. You just leave.
  2. Snow days – living in Michigan, it was always common to have at least three snow days in a year. You would think the same would apply to college since it’s in the same state and gets the same snowfall but NOPE. Snow days are very uncommon in college at least where I’m at. Which kinda sucks because I lived for snow days in high school. Any chance to not have to go in to school made me happy. *Sigh* now I guess if I really wanted I could just skip class but…..
  3. Seating charts – I HATED this part of school. For whatever reason my teachers would ALWAYS sit me next to the most annoying people. The jocks who always wanted to  copy off my work. The kids who never actually did any work. The girls who for whatever reason didn’t like me. And of course when group project time came around we’d be stuck together and guess who ALWAYS ended up doing all the work? Me. In college there aren’t official seating charts, but everyone has their non-assigned-assigned seat. Like in all my classes I sit in the same spot every day but the teacher doesn’t put idiots next to me. (The idiots and annoying kids just sit next to me anyways. It’s like I attract them I swear.)
  4. Lunch room monitors – this might have just been related to my school but yeah, we actually had adults walking around the lunch room every day and standing by the door that we had to ask to go to the bathroom. The worst part? We could only go to the bathroom two at a time, at least the girls. So if the bathroom already had two girls and I had to pee I had to wait. Thankfully I never had that problem. There are four stalls in that bathroom and if I had to pee I would have walked out, even if it resulted in detention or whatever the consequence was. In college I mean sure there are like the managers of the cafeteria I eat at walking around but honestly it’s like they aren’t even there most of the time.
  5. Backpacks in class – maybe it was just my school again, but we had to leave our bags in our locker. It really wasn’t a huge deal to me like it was whatever, but now that I’m in college I don’t know how I went every day without carrying my bag everywhere.
  6. Phones/headphones – ah yes, the phone rule. For a while we were allowed to have our phones in class and some of the teachers even let us listen to music while working. That was great, I could block out the idiots around me and actually get stuff done. But then for whatever reason in whatever grade, bye bye phones. See ya later headphones. I hated it. My school had this bad habit of punishing EVERYONE instead of just the kids who broke the rules. I rarely had my phone with me in class and if I did I was only using it for music. In college, yeah the professors don’t want you talking or texting all through class but it’s not like they check your pockets and demand you leave the device at home.
  7. Dress code – I think this is the biggest one. Let me start by saying that my high school was veeeerrrrryyyyyy…..what’s the word…..sexist? (sure we’ll go with that) at times. The dress code showed that. Girls weren’t allowed to wear leggings, or show their shoulders, or wear yoga pants, their skirts/dresses had to be fingertip length, clothes shouldn’t be tight-fitting, butts had to be covered if a girl did wear leggings, and I’m sure there was a lot more. Did I wear leggings every once in a while? Yes. I’m a girl. I live in leggings. Half of my wardrobe is leggings (okay maybe not but I do wear leggings more than jeans). I didn’t want to wear jeans for seven hours of the day five days a week because honestly who does? Of course, there were always girls who got away with breaking the dress code (which ticked me off). Girls who wore dresses that looked more like shirts. Girls who wore leggings every single day and never once got in trouble for it. Girls who wore clothes that would have been cute if they were five years older and not in a high school environment. But now that I’m in college I can really see that the dress code didn’t protect us girls. If anything it limited our personalities. I’ve learned that as a girl, my style says a lot about the kind of person I am and in high school I wasn’t able to show that. I also can see that the dress code really was in place because immature boys can’t control themselves and instead of teaching these boys to be respectful of women, we are teaching girls to change for guys. Awesome right? Now? I wear leggings pretty much everyday. I wore shorts that definitely weren’t fingertip length at the beginning of the year when it was hot. I show my shoulders in tank tops. And you know what’s so crazy about this? Somehow, even though my shoulders are showing, guys in college can still focus and get a quality education. Crazy isn’t it?
  8. Set times for lunch – high school schedules are insane. There are literally set times for everything. For example, classes start at 7:45 am. At 7:50 we hear the Star Spangled Banner and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Class goes on until about 8:45. Five minutes to get from class to class. Repeat for three or four hours. At 11:30, it’s lunch time. Now, for high school I had to get up at 6:30 every morning. Meaning, sometimes I didn’t eat breakfast because I was trying to get ready for the day and make it on time to school. So not being able to eat until 11:30 every day was the absolute worst. And it was even harder when there was some dry pizza or brown-lettuce salad or obviously-sitting-out-chicken for lunch because who wants to eat that crap? By 11:30 I was starving and sometimes even starting to get shaky from not eating all day. Most of my teachers didn’t allow us to have food in class so bringing a granola bar to munch on and to hold me over was out of the question. But college? I can go to lunch whenever I’m hungry. And there are more than one or two options for food. I can bring snacks to class and I even have time to eat breakfast because I’m not getting up at 6:30 am every day.
  9. Free time – I had five minutes in high school to get from one class to the next. Five minutes from the time the bell rang and we were released to one class to the time the next bell rang starting the next class. Five minutes to go to the bathroom, stop at my locker, and sometimes run from one end of the school to the other just so I can make it and not be marked tardy. The worst would be when our teacher would give us the whole ‘the bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do’ speech and it would cut time down to three minutes because then they would sit and not let you go for another minute or two just to prove their point. And every day was like that. It was horrible. But now I have time to get from one class to the next, partly because I can carry my backpack with me and partly because I made my schedule myself so I could give myself time between classes. I can hit up Starbucks, go to the bathroom, print a paper, talk with friends, and still have time to kill between classes. It helps that teachers don’t give you crap about being late unless you make it a habit. And most of my professors let us go before the class is scheduled to end a lot of the time which is always nice.
  10. Classes with the same people – growing up in such a small school, I knew every single person in my graduating class. There were about 70 of us. (I know, it’s crazy, no one can ever believe it when I tell them that now.) Every year I knew everyone in all of my classes. I had worked with all of them on projects before. I knew which kids would screw me over in group projects and which kids would actually work well with me. I knew everyone. However, that all changed in college. So I’m in the honors program here at EMU meaning the classes are smaller like I’m used to and yeah, there are a few familiar places. But my bigger, non-honors classes? The people change. I think there are two kids in my journalism class this semester that were in my journalism class last semester. I don’t know anyone in my Spanish class. It’s crazy going from a school where everyone knows everyone to a school where one semester you might be close with someone in your class but the next you have no clue who anyone is and have to start all over with making friends.


So there you have it. 10 things that happened in high school but not college, at least that I have learned about so far. Maybe I’ll do a post about things that happen in college but didn’t happen in high school….or things that happened in high school that still happen in college….would you guys be interested in that? Let me know! As always make sure to follow my social media accounts to keep up with my daily life, links will be at the end of this blog. That’s all I have for you guys today but I will be back tomorrow! Peace out homies!

-xox, dalg98

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