YouTube Suggestions part 9! 40 Days of Blogs #3

YouTube Suggestions part 9! 40 Days of Blogs #3

What’s up fam it’s me, back with yet another blog post! Also today marks exactly 2 years since I started this blog site! Happy blog-iversary (is that a thing? If not it is now.)!!!

You probably can already tell by the title that we are talking about YouTube today!!!! I’m not going to beat around the bush so let’s just jump into it.

  1. Carlos and Alexa PenaVega – yes I was a Big Time Rush fan. Yes I saw them in concert not once but twice. Yes I was excited when Carlos and Alexa got married. Yes I was just as excited when they were on Dancing with the Stars. Somehow I found their YouTube channel and now I’m obsessed with watching their vlogs. Carlos and Alexa (and new baby Ocean) are a beautiful, faith-filled couple. They make me smile and their videos always make me feel good. I was sad when Big Time Rush went their separate ways because I didn’t think I’d ever hear about the guys again, but have no fear fellow Rushers, you can check out Carlos and his beautiful wife Alexa and their adorable son Ocean right here.
  2. David Dobrik – if you don’t know who this guy is….have you been living under a rock? I swear everyone knows him. David posts mostly vlogs of his daily life, with his friends and sometimes random special guests. I kid you not I have watched every single one of his videos, some more than once. He’s dating Liza Koshy who I mentioned in a previous YT Suggestions post which is how I found him. You can check out David’s many many vlogs at this link.
  3. Scotty Sire – speaking of David Dobrik’s friends, that leads me to my next suggestion: Scotty Sire. You know that Vine with the kid who’s tying his shoes and his older brother’s like ‘you can’t tie your shoes?’ or something and the kid’s like ‘I can’t tie my shoes but I can…..your….’ you get it if you’ve saw the Vine. Anyways, that’s Scotty Sire….the older brother…not the one who can’t tie his shoes. I found Scot through David and now I’m hooked on his videos. He also does a lot of vlogs but he just released a lyric video for his song literally titled Sad Song. Go check out Scott’s channel right here!
  4. Bobby Mares – thanks to two of my older faves, Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen, I found this wonderful human. Bobby is another vlogger but is also my musical YouTuber of this post. He just released a new single titled My Girl (which I have yet to listen to but I will soon). Bobby is really funny and even though I only started watching him because I saw him in a K and J vlog, now I don’t know how I had gone so long without watching him. (Plus he has a really cute dog so that helps.) You can find Bobby’s channel riiiiiiiight here.
  5. Jordan Doww – don’t ask me exactly how I found Jordan Doww, I think it was from a Gabriel Conte video, but maybe not…? Either way I’m glad I discovered his channel. Jordan’s an actor and recently started posting this video series titled ‘It’s Sketchy’. And maybe part of me likes them mostly for Jordan’s pal Sean O’Donnell who is in a few of the videos (and is really cute but that’s not the point) but mostly I like them because they make me laugh and who doesn’t like a video who makes them laugh?? You can check out Jordan’s channel and latest videos right at this link.


Well guys, that’s all the new YouTube suggestions I have for you today/tonight because it’s 10:30 in Michigan right now. Sorry this post is going up late but I’ve been super busy all day! I will talk to you guys tomorrow!! Peace out from your fave!!

-xox, dalg98

Twitter #1: @Hey_im_Dallas
Twitter #2: @dallasgomez98
Instagram: @dallas_g98
Snapchat: dallaas74


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