An Honest Movie Review – 40 Days of Blogs #7

An Honest Movie Review – 40 Days of Blogs #7

What’s up guys how’s it going? How’s the weather where you’re at? In Michigan it’s like 56 degrees but cloudy and rainy. I mean, it’s better than snow I guess….but it’s also supposed to snow at the end of the week…MICHIGAN WEATHER SUCKS!!

I’m currently sitting in my graphic design class but had a brilliant idea for a blog post that I didn’t want to forget about so that’s what I’m doing instead of drawing up logos. (I’m a writer not an artist so all of my sketches look horrible and my seven year old brother could probably do a better job.)

I do a lot of book recommendations/reviews on this site, but today I thought I’d switch it up and talk about movies, (ya know, in case you couldn’t tell by the title) because I have a lot to say about a movie I just went and saw a few weeks ago. *WARNING. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK*

Has anyone saw the movie Split yet? You know, with the guy with dissociative identity disorder who kidnaps the three girls? I went and saw this movie because I saw the trailers and thought it looked like a great thriller. I was very disappointed.

The movie starts showing the three girls at a birthday party. The loner-chick (Casey) is sitting looking all depressed. The party comes to an end and the birthday girl’s (Claire) dad offers to give said lonely girl a ride home since her family’s car has broken down. So the three girls (Casey, Claire, and Claire’s best friend Marcia) head out to the car, Casey in the front seat, and Claire and Marcia in the backseat. Claire and Marcia become immersed in their phones and don’t even realize it when a man gets into the car, who isn’t supposed to be there. Long story short he drugs them and takes them to his, well lair I guess is the right word.

The girls soon find out that this guy (Dennis is the one who kidnapped him) actually has many different personalities. Patricia, Hedwig, and Barry are the other three the girls come into contact with but it’s later mentioned by Barry’s or Dennis’ or whoever’s psychiatrist that there are 23 total personalities. We see a glimpse of a few different ones later when Casey is looking through some video diaries the personalities have made.

It’s also mentioned that the reason the girls are captured is to feed the last personality, known as ‘The Beast’ who is some sort of supernatural being I guess. The psychiatrist figures out that Barry/Kevin (his real name)/Dennis is responsible for kidnapping the girls but she is drugged and locked up before also being killed. (Why she didn’t call the police in the first place is beyond me but whatever.)

When ‘The Beast’ finally makes his appearance, he eats Claire and Marcia. Yes you read that right, he eats them. As in, cannibalizes them. Casey somehow manages to get out of her room but soon is trapped with Kevin and is able to talk to his real personality for a second. Kevin tells her where to find a gun and bullets and asks her to kill him before he hurts anyone else. AND THIS IS WHERE MY ISSUES WITH THIS MOVIE START. Instead of running off to find the gun and bullets, CASEY JUST STANDS THERE STARING AT KEVIN. WHAT?! Needless to say, the other personalities take over the body again and ‘The Beast’ returns. Casey finally takes off to find the bullets. ‘The Beast’ corners her in some sort of cage and gives this whole long speech about ‘ridding the world of the impure’; by that he means those who have never suffered.

What ‘The Beast’ soon realizes, (after Casey shoots him twice) is that this last girl he’s about to eat has suffered. Both of her parents are dead and she is sent to live with her uncle who molests her. She has scars up and down her body and that’s when ‘The Beast’ realizes she is pure and spares her.

Casey is soon found by a maintenance worker and found to be held captive under the Philadelphia Zoo (weird but okay…) police are called but Kevin/Dennis/Patricia/’The Beast’ are long gone by then. So hooray Casey lives and is rescued! But now that we for sure know that her uncle is a bad guy, what’s going to happen? When Casey is sitting in the police car, an officer comes to tell her that her uncle is here to pick her up. She hesitates and then the scene cuts. Um what? So what happens? Does she go back to her uncle? Does she tell the police what he does to her? WE DON’T EVEN KNOW!

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what happened to Barry/Kevin/Dennis/whatever else he went by. Following that last scene with Casey, it cuts to a scene with the personalities talking about ‘The Beast’s’ power and how now they’ll (outsiders; people who don’t understand DID) will have to listen to them. AND THEN IT CUTS FROM THAT SCENE TOO. We then see people in a diner watching the news regarding the kidnappings of the three girls and that the kidnapper/killer is still on the loose. A random person talking to her companions mentions that this case reminds her of a case from some years ago about a terrorist in a wheelchair who was captured and put away 15 years ago. A random man next to her reminds her that this terrorist was known as ‘Mr. Glass’. AND THEN IT JUST ENDS. WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF THIS WHOLE NEW GUY THAT NO ONE KNOWS WHO HE IS AND HE JUST APPEARS.

After doing some digging and reading some articles regarding the plot of the movie, I guess the random guy is supposed to be an older David Dunn who I guess is a character from a whole different movie series called Unbreakable. K.

When the final credits started rolling and the lights came on in the theater, my friend and I just kind of looked at each other like, ‘wtf was that. That’s it??’. Neither of us could believe that a movie could just end like that. To be honest, I saw this movie like almost a month ago and I’m still not over that ending.

I was super disappointed in how this ended because I was so hyped to see it. And yes, while there were some good parts to it and even some funny parts, the ending really just leaves you hanging and I haven’t heard anything about what will happen next. Will there be a sequel? Will we ever find out what David Dunn has anything to do with everything? Will ‘The Beast’ be caught? WHO KNOWS. NOT ME BECAUSE THE ENDING SUCKED.

Maybe I’m missing something huge and everything makes sense, or the one bathroom break I took during the movie messed things up and made me miss a huge chunk but I’m still not over it. I texted my friend I went and saw the movie with a few days ago and she’s still thinking about it too. FOR REAL HOW CAN A MOVIE JUST END LIKE THAT?!?

Okay, I need to go. I need to stop ranting and raving before this blog post is longer than it already is. I hope you enjoyed this movie review and if you know something about Split that I don’t, please let me know so I can stop thinking about this freaking movie. Per usual, make sure to follow all of my social media’s, they will be linked below! Until next time lovelies, peace!!!!

-xox, dalg98

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