We’re all in this together (at least us girls…) – 40 Days of Blogs #9

We’re all in this together (at least us girls…) – 40 Days of Blogs #9

What’s up guys it’s Dallas back with another b-lo-o-og (that was my Jacko Brazier impersonation). It’s almost Friday meaning almost the weekend so if you’re not in a good mood I hope that thought helps!

Today we’re talking about something every girl goes through. And if there are any guys reading this post, well I mean you can keep reading if you want but it might get awkward for you….we’re gonna talk about periods! Because nothing says ‘I’m a woman’ like that lovely gift from Mother Nature every month.

Let me say something I’m sure every girl can agree with, getting your period sucks. And for that whole week or five days or however long it lasts that month, you’re hating every part of it. Not to mention it always seems to come at the most inconvenient time. Date tonight? Don’t wear that super cute light colored outfit because it’ll probably get ruined. Beach day? Lol nope. Stuck in the car for hours on end? Lol good luck with that one.

But like I guess periods are good??? I mean it’s a sign that you aren’t pregnant?? If you’re sexually active or whatever?? But for the girls like me who aren’t, honestly periods are just an inconvenience. Especially when you’re like me and start yours in the middle of the night. What a great thing to wake up to.

The worst part about periods aren’t the constant cramps/headaches/bloating or having to carry pads or tampons around literally everywhere or worrying about bleeding through or the emotions that come with periods. No, the worst part is just feeling really insecure. Or maybe that’s just me. When it’s my time of the month I literally just feel so gross and my confidence level goes way down. Maybe it’s just because of all of my emotions but I do not like any part of my appearance no matter how much makeup I wear or how good of a hair day I’m having. That’s probably why most days I don’t even try to look like I give a crap about my appearance. I wear sweats or leggings literally every day, I barely wear any makeup (if I wear any at all), my hair is pulled up into a messy bun or pony tail. I literally look like I just rolled out of bed every day of the week.

I mean I get the point of periods, to get rid of waste in our bodies or whatever. But wouldn’t everything be so much easier if we just got a text from Mother Nature every month like ‘hey girl you good have a good month!’. Like everything would be better. And I wouldn’t be so easily annoyed.

When it’s my time of the month, literally everything annoys me. I roll my eyes so much more often that I’m surprised they aren’t permanently stuck in the back of my head. Add period emotions to nights with no sleep and trust me it’s better if you just don’t talk to me during that whole week. Not to mention I cry so easily. Like I was watching The Vampire Diaries last night and I was bawling like Elena was my best friend. Okay sure it was a pretty depressing episode, but like why am I bawling about a TV show??? My roommate probably thinks I’m nuts because there were tears streaming down my face last night. Not insane, just emotional AF.

Okay, now that I’m done ranting, I’m gonna go get some chocolate and coffee and try not to freak out on someone on my way. (Also, having obnoxious boys living on the same floor as me doesn’t help anything at all.) As usual, social medias will be linked at the end so drop me a follow. I follow pretty much everyone back and will Snapchat you back if you add me there because I have no life and live on my phone. Okay, peace out homies!

-xox, dallas

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