March Favorites – 40 Days of Blogs #10

March Favorites – 40 Days of Blogs #10

We’re finally in the double digits with these blog posts! 10 down 30 more days to go!

So I’ve sort of been wanting to try this kind of post for a while but never really knew where to start. I feel like it’s one of those things where everyone does them but they’re well received and people actually like them. Since this is a blog mostly for girls (not that guys can’t read it too but my idea is that it’s mostly girls) I figured why not do a favorites post? So here are my March Favorites!!

Spotify Playlist – my Throwbacks playlist – full of everything from Michael Jackson to the Backstreet Boys to Bryan Adams to Avril Lavigne.

Songs (because I can’t pick just one) – Fake Love by Drake, iSpy by Kyle/Lil Yachty, and anything by Trey Songz (because I just realized how much I like his music).

Makeup products – I don’t really wear a lot of makeup but my BabyLips cherry lip-gloss is a necessity. I also got this makeup kit called FACE and I’m starting to experiment with contouring and doing my eyebrows so maybe a makeup tutorial is in the works?

Show – I’m trying to catch up on The Vampire Diaries before the series ends. I’m on season 7 episode 1 after bawling my eyes out after the season 6 finale. (Also I obviously have a crush on Damon Salvatore.)

Clothing item – my ‘I’m not a morning person’ t-shirt because it’s super comfy and describes my life down to a t.

Music artist(s) – Trey Songz, SOMO, Ed Sheeran (have you heard his new album? I’m in love with it), and obviously Jake Miller and Spencer Sutherland.

Movie – Dirty Grandpa – because I am a sucker for anything starring Zac Efron and even though this is VERRRRY different than the early days of High School Musical, there are quite a few shirtless Zac scenes which make it okay.

Quote – “Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.” -SBH (don’t ask who SBH is because I’m not sure)


So there’s that. Did I do okay? I tried to incorporate a bunch of different things so I hope you go and check them out and let me know what you think! That’s all I have for you guys for today, but do not fear because there will be a new post up tomorrow. Make sure to check out my social links which will be at the end of this posts. I’m always following people back on Twitter and Snapchatting those who add me so drop me a follow!! Peace out fam!

-xox, dallas

p.s. do you guys like the new look for the site?

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