One of those days – 40 Days of Blogs #13

One of those days – 40 Days of Blogs #13

Ya know, I’m just not feeling an intro today…

After getting a measly three hours of sleep not only last night but the night before that and the night before that….and the night before that… can say I’m pretty tired. I honestly have no clue what I’m even blogging about right now I just know that I want to get it done so I can drink my coffee and/or take a nap.

Have you ever had one of those days where literally everything annoys you? That’s how I feel today. From the moment I got up and a crappy song was playing on my phone to the moment I’m typing these words and keep glancing outside at the snow on the ground (what the heck Mother Nature I thought winter was over?).

I physically cannot deal with people today which sucks because I have to work and for a job I call alumni students and ask for money. Yeah, not fun on days like today. I wish I could just do absolutely nothing all day except sleep and maybe watch Netflix.

Honestly this daily blogging thing is starting to get difficult and I have no clue what else I can blog about for the next however many days. So I apologize in advance if my posts start to suck, starting with this one because it’s not interesting whatsoever but I needed to blog today so this is what I got. Take it or leave it.

I have lately been blasting music literally all the time in my headphones to avoid talking to people and yes, mother I know if you’re reading this you’re thinking of how rude I seem. But give me a break because if I didn’t avoid conversations I’d end up snapping and yelling at someone. That’s a result of this whole no sleep thing.

I’ve also decided that four a.m. conversations are 11o times better than any conversations I have during the day. Forced dinner conversations, conversations in classes, whatever. Late night/early morning convos are so much better because it’s all honest talk. And people don’t talk about boring things like school or the weather….or school. I hate talking about school which I guess is kind of ironic because I’m in college and that’s all people really talk about around here is classes and professors and classes and projects and homework (also I just realized I wrote classes twice and I definitely didn’t mean to, that’s proof that I shouldn’t be allowed to blog while running on three hours of sleep). I’d much rather talk about music and hopes and dreams and books and LITERALLY ANYTHING EXCEPT SCHOOL.

So I guess that’s it for today. Sorry if this post was boring and you were expecting some extravagant, fun, interesting read and got this instead. Honestly I’d be disappointed to. But I’m gonna go take a nap before work tonight at 5 so peace out, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as add me on Snapchat: dallaas74. Okay, bye guys!!

-xox, sleep-deprived-dallas


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