Dos and Don’ts of Snapchatting me – 40 Days of Blogs #17

Dos and Don’ts of Snapchatting me – 40 Days of Blogs #17

What’s up guys! Happy Friday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

Today I thought I’d talk about an app that I’m sure we’re all familiar with SNAPCHAT!!! I, for one, am obsessed with the app since downloading it a few years ago. (Add me – dallaas74) Now, there are some obvious do’s and don’ts when it comes to using any sort of social media but I’m sure you’re all familiar with those so I won’t bore you with them.

This blog is more of what you should do and not do when it comes to Snapchatting me! I hope that if you DO add me (dallaas74) you take this advice so that we can have some fun conversations or whatever.

Do – send selfies! How am I supposed to know who I’m talking to if you don’t? I’ll send you selfies but only if you send me some. Because that’s the point of using Snapchat.

Don’t – add me and then not Snap me. I think that this is THE number one most annoying thing and it happens a lot!! What’s the point of you adding me if you are not going to Snap me?? So annoying.

Do – use the filters! Don’t just send me boring old selfies because like that’s boring. Let’s use the filters no matter how basic we look or the dumb faces we make.

Don’t – send me the same pictures you post on your stories. I’ve already saw it once, I really don’t need to see it twice. Thanks but no thanks.

Do – actually have a conversation with me. Ask me questions, tell me about your life, talk about what music you’re listening to. Maybe we’ll have something in common and end up being good friends or something.


Yeah, so those are the basics. Follow this simple advice and we’ll be Snapchat besties in no time at all! That’s all I have for you guys today, I hope you enjoy this blog post and have enjoyed my 40 days of blogs thus far. Until tomorrow fam!

-xox, dallas

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