Adult daughters are the best. A blog by Dallas’ mom – 40 Days of Blogs #18

Adult daughters are the best. A blog by Dallas’ mom – 40 Days of Blogs #18

Hi everyone! In case you missed it in the title, this is Dally’s mom, Raquel. (not “Mrs. Gomez”, that was my mother in-law title, “Raquel” is fine) (or “mom”. I get that a lot from Dally’s friends) Anywho, I am here to help my girlie out with her blog for today so she can enjoy some much needed relaxation with her friends.

When she asked me to help her out I was happy to do it and thought it would be fun. It’s not that fun when you’re not creative and a talented writer like she is. Yes, I realize I am biased but I am right. She is good at this. I am good at Kraft mac n cheese and e-coupons and Wii bowling (I’m like the best in the house). But I’ll give it a whirl because I always tell my kids they can do anything they put their minds to and I don’t want to be a hypocrite. So here it goes.

I have always been close to Dallas. When she was born I did the stay-at-home mom thing with her. For 4 yrs it was just her and I a lot of the time because hubby worked long hours at night and slept during the day. We snuggled at night, played Barbies and school during the day and then repeat. As she got older and wiser I knew we would be friends after we conquered the mom/daughter roles. So that being said I have come up  with a list of why its so great that she is my bestie. Here we go!

  1. We can’t share clothes because she is a peanut BUT we can share nail polish, socks, and pics of John Stamos and Zac Efron.
  2. When the new cast of DWTS is announced and I am at work she texts me the line up by lunch time.
  3. We both love love love coffee and never miss an opportunity to have coffee. Which we love. Like A LOT.
  4. We both love chocolate. No need to explain that one.
  5. When either of us is having a stressful day we have each other to make us smile, remind each other that we have God, and send pics of John Stamos and Zac Efron.
  6. Our car rides.  Music, gossip catch up, coffee, bathroom breaks at places where we can get more coffee after we use the restroom, and depending on where we are going, hours of stress relieving complaining about unimportant stuff that we just need to get off our chests.
  7. We know when each other needs to be left alone. (Dallas in the morning, me when I first get home from work.)
  8. Vacations!!
  9. We both love coffee, chocolate, John Stamos and Zac Efron.
  10. She is kind, faith-filled (like her momma), funny, strong, smart (like her daddy), talented and setting the world on fire. Who doesn’t look for those qualities in a bff?!

I could go on but I think you get it. If you’re a parent, I hope you have this kind of  relationship with your adult child or that you do one day. If you’re an adult and have this with your parent or parents, good for you. I can promise you they go to sleep happy  knowing they have a pretty cool kid. If you’re not an adult just yet, you should strive for this. I think I speak for all parents when I say knowing we raised our babies to be someone we want to hang out with as an adult is a accomplishment we strive for.

That’s all I have for you. And what do you know, it wasn’t that bad. But just in case I’ll find a e coupon for Mac n Cheese in case I need to make Dallas smile after I post this to her personal blog.

Thanks for being a part of Dally’s blog and letting her do what she loves, following her on her social media and tonight, for reading this post.

-xox, the Mom

If you cant get enough of my bff/girlie/daughter follow her on this stuff:

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