Things I miss about being a kid – 40 Days of Blog Posts #20

Things I miss about being a kid – 40 Days of Blog Posts #20

We’ve finally made it to the halfway point with these blog posts!!!!

So I figured since I’m not having the happiest of days, I should talk about a time in my life when I didn’t have a care in the world and nothing bothered me. My childhood. Yesterday I talked about my two best friends growing up, my cousins, but today I wanted to talk about the things that I miss about being a kid. Especially as I sit in the library writing this as I am surrounded by  schoolwork and stress and a million other things. Without any further blabber, here are some things I miss about being a kid.

  • Not having crazy amounts of homework every night of my life – kindergarten was definitely a happier time. Homework meant take home art projects and maybe a few simple math problems. Now I’m dealing with projects upon projects upon projects and it sucks and I miss kindergarten.
  •  The old Disney Channel – I miss watching episodes of Kim Possible and Brandy and Mr. Whiskers and That’s So Raven and all the good shows that used to come on Disney Channel. I used to want to be a TV star just so I could use the wand thing to make the Mickey Mouse ears in the corner of the screen.
  • Playing pretend – at one point in time I’m sure we all did this. We pretended to be pirates or ballerinas or spies or explorers or teachers. Now, it’s called ‘figuring out your future’ and isn’t nearly as fun. I’d rather go back and go on adventures in my backyard.
  • Not worrying about what other people think of me – this is something I really struggle with even though I shouldn’t. I always worry that if I don’t do something, someone will thing poorly of me. As a kid we didn’t worry about those things. We did whatever made us happpy and who cared if some jerk on the playground laughed at us?
  • Playing on the playground – there isn’t one in college and it kind of makes me sad. I could blow off so much steam on the swings when I was younger. I could run around or talk about boys by the monkey bars with my friends. Now I get to sit in the library for hours on end with only my music to keep me company because people annoy me too much to have study partners.
  • Being able to do nothing but sit and watch Disney movies for hours on end – ah, the good days. I could literally sit and watch whatever Disney movies I had on VHS for hours on end and never get tired of them. I watched Lilo and Stitch so much that I knew every word to the songs. I could be entertained by movies literally forever because when I was younger my family didn’t have cable so I didn’t get into watching that much TV until a few years later. But now? I have legitimate responsibilities that seriously cut into my movie watching time. Though, if someone wanted to come and watch animated Disney with me, I would clear my entire schedule to do so.

So guys, that’s all for today, this blog post was actually very therapeutic to write seeing as I am incredibly stressed right now and needed to think of happier times when I didn’t have a million and four things to do. Thanks for reading and as always make sure to follow me on social media and whatnot to keep up on my daily life. Until tomorrow lovelies!

– xox, dallas

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One thought on “Things I miss about being a kid – 40 Days of Blog Posts #20

  1. Definitely missing the old days, we used to be so care free, we just used to be children. I remember when I was younger i’d always wish that time would move quickly so i’d become a teenager.


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