March Book Recommendation! – 40 Days of Blogs Day 21

March Book Recommendation! – 40 Days of Blogs Day 21

What’s up guys! My computer decided to work for me today so I don’t have to worry about sitting in the library and writing this post! (Even though I am in fact sitting in the library writing this post.)

Since the end of the month is about a week and a half away, I figured it’s time for another book recommendation! I know I already posted one this month but technically that was my February Book Recommendation and doesn’t count for March. (Okay, I’m blabbering now, onto the recommendation.)

The Queen of Water by Laura Resau and María Virginia Farinango is a heartwarming/heartwrenching tale of Farinango’s journey through life to become a successful woman. The book is set in her perspective from the young age of six or seven. She lives on a potato farm with her parents and younger siblings and the farm is owned by two mestizos (people of Ecuador of mixed race). Virginia is given to two other mestizos and becomes their slave.

The Queen of Water follows Virginia through her life as she goes from nothing more than a servant, to an educated young woman, to winning a competition to help children much like herself be able to go to school. Virginia goes through a lot of difficulties that we don’t think about as much as we should. She also doesn’t have access to a lot of the things that we take for granted; things like clothes that fit us, and access to a good school, and even friends.

Though I couldn’t personally relate to Virginia’s story, I couldn’t put this book down. I got it from my school’s library yesterday night and today by six o’clock I was finished with it. I have actually read this book before, a long time ago. Every time I read it I tear up and it also makes me think of my parents and how I would most definitely not be where I am without their endless love and support.

I highly recommend this book to literally everyone. It’s one of the few books I think I have read that didn’t include much romance or high energy adventures, but it kept me on the edge of my seat nonetheless. I hope you check this book out and love it just as much as I did.


That’s all I have for today lovely readers. Per usual, make sure to check out all of my social links, which will be at the end of this post, to keep up with my (sort of boring) daily life. Until tomorrow!

-xox, dallas



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