My 5 Disney Favorites – 40 Days of Blogs#22

My 5 Disney Favorites – 40 Days of Blogs#22

Hello friends, I have returned with a new blog post!

I’ve been in a Disney mood recently, probably after seeing Beauty and the Beast. I just finished reading Peter Pan and Wendy and that’s gotta be one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. (Also, if you know me then you know about my childhood crush on Peter that is still very much alive.)

So why not talk about Disney movies?! Today I’m going to be sharing five of my favorite Disney movie moments in an effort to relive my childhood as I sit in the library of my college surrounded by other adults. And yes, I did in fact listen to Disney music while writing this. Right now, Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid is playing. Judge me.

  1. Be Our Guest scene – Beauty and the Beast; Belle was my first favorite Disney princess and always has been. I don’t know why I loved this scene so much but I remember I used to fast forward the VHS tape just to listen to this song over and over and over again. I loved seeing this performed in the 2017 version of the movie and it made me feel like such a kid again.
  2. (Song has changed to Something There from Beauty and the Beast) The cliff climbing scene – The Emperor’s New Groove; again, one of the first faves. Yes, I did in fact have a slight crush on Kuzco growing up (a fact my little brother doesn’t ever let go) and I like this scene because I think it’s when we first see his good side. Kuzco starts off as this selfish, narcissistic brat but this scene is when we see him change for the better, when he saves Pacha from falling to his doom.
  3. Any scene with Scuttle – The Little Mermaid; Scuttle always made me laugh even though I didn’t even own this Disney film. I loved him and while normal girls’ favorite characters were Ariel or Prince Eric or Flounder, mine was Scuttles. He just wanted to help Ariel get a taste of the human world and really did think he knew everything about all of the thing she collected.
  4. Tarzan and Turks first encounter – Tarzan; (Currently playing: You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan) The first time Turk meets baby Tarzan she’s kind of confused by him and doesn’t really understand him. I guess it kind of (and this is kinda funny) reminds me of when I met my baby brother for the first time. And then when Kala tells Turk she’s decided to call the baby ‘Tarzan’ Turk’s just like ‘he’s your baby’ and that part always made me smile.
  5. The bread scene – Aladdin; you didn’t think I’d forget my one true love did you? This is my favorite scene in Aladdin because it just goes to show what an incredible guy he is! He just risked arrest for a loaf of bread, doesn’t have anything else to eat, and gives it away to two kids. HOW SWEET. Aladdin is totally boyfriend goals honestly like why can’t he be real?

Okay, that’s all. I could talk about so many others but here are just a handful. I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m gonna continue with my listening of Disney music and reading. Talk to y’all tomorrow!!!

-xox, dallas

I would like to dedicate this blog post to my little brother because I know he will appreciate it and I’m sure I’ll be getting texts with Disney quotes once he reads this.



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