Movie Review (again) – 40 Days of Blogs #26

Movie Review (again) – 40 Days of Blogs #26

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well and having a relaxing Sunday before the craziness of the week is once again upon us.

I figured now that it’s been out for a week and I can form a coherent thought about it, I should do a movie review of Beauty and the Beast!! If you haven’t saw it yet, click out now because there WILL be spoilers. If you have saw it already, keep reading so that you can hear all about my take on this movie.

When I first heard that Beauty and the Beast was going to be redone with real people, my first thought was HECK YEAH! It’s one of my favorite Disney movies and I couldn’t wait. As time went on I started to get slightly panicky because I didn’t want the live action version to not be as good as the cartoon version. And then I found out that Emma Watson was playing Belle and again was like HECK YEAH! It was like my two favorite things (Harry Potter and Disney) were meeting as one. I was ecstatic.

I went and saw it the day after it came out, with my kindergarten best friend. We’ve made it a sort of tradition that every time I come home we go see a movie and this time we went to Beauty and the Beast. You guys probably don’t care about that but I felt it necessary to tell you…ANYWAYS.

This new version actually follows the original really well. I wasn’t disappointed in any part of it to be honest. The ‘Be Our Guest’ scene was by far my favorite. I also thought it was cool to see more of what happened to Belle’s mom, who died from the plague as well as understand more about the Beast. The only thing that sort of bothered me was that the ‘Human Again’ song wasn’t in the new one. That’s one of my favorite scenes in the animated movie and I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t included in this one.

I know there was some arguments because LeFou is supposedly gay in this new version. I was expecting it to be a lot more obvious the way people made it seem. I mean, you can tell that LeFou obviously has a thing with Gaston, but it isn’t 100 percent clear that he is gay until the last scene where he ends up dancing with a guy and they both kind of look at each other like ‘wow this is new and interesting and I like it and he’s handsome’. I didn’t have a problem with this idea, I mean it’s 2017 and that kind of thing is a big part of society now. I understand that some people might be against it because of their religion or whatever, but even as a Catholic I didn’t care really.

Emma Watson really was the perfect Belle. I wouldn’t want anyone else to play the character I relate to have been able to relate to since I was a kid. Though, I wouldn’t have minded if a different actor played the Beast. I’m not sure who and I think it’s just because I don’t really know who Dan Stevens is.

Beauty and the Beast has, as I have mentioned more than once, always been my favorite Disney princess movie. I relate to Belle so much in the way that I love to read, am relatively independent, and would have done anything to get out of my itty bitty hometown. It was amazing to see this come to life with an actress that I admire and have admired since the Sorcerer’s Stone.

In addition to having watched the animated movie more times than I can count, I also saw Beauty and the Beast as a play a looooong time ago with my mom and my aunt. Though I don’t really remember it, I remember I loved the music and the 2017 version of the movie had all of the original songs as well as some new ones. I liked how the Beast got his own song and I loved hearing all of the originals.

I loved the movie in its entirety and I can’t wait for it to come on DVD so that I can watch it over and over and over. Just like I did when I was a kid. In addition to giving me some quality time with a friend, the movie also made me feel like a kid again. Like I was seven years old and watching this animated movie for the millionth time and singing along to the songs and dancing around my bedroom. I love it when movies can take me to a different place and a different time.


Well guys, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoyed Beauty and the Beast as much as I did. Until tomorrow familia!

-xox, dallas






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