Let’s talk about Teen Wolf – 40 Days of Blogs #30

Let’s talk about Teen Wolf – 40 Days of Blogs #30

Hey guys I’m back! And with an actual written blog post and not a picture or a video! However, now that I know how to put videos on here they might start showing up more….(let me know if there’s any sort of video you guys want to see)

Today I want to talk about something that’s very near and dear to my heart. Something that always makes me smile. Something that I feel is a life necessity. Teen Wolf. And no…not the movie with Michael J. Fox. The show on MTV that started back in 2011 and has taken over every aspect of my life since.

Unfortunately my favorite show is coming to an end and when I found out that this would be the last season, I physically felt my heart breaking. Okay, that’s a little dramatic but I was really sad about it.

So what have I been doing the last week and a half? Re-watching every episode starting with season one. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime Student because I wouldn’t be able to do this without that!

I feel like I really connect with the Teen Wolf characters (no, not because I was bitten by a werewolf or born as one) because when I started watching the show I was the same age as Scott, Stiles, and Lydia in the first season. While they grew up and went through the normal high school struggles, I was too. The difference being, I had no supernatural abilities to deal with along with normal high school things.

But today I’m going to talk about my Teen Wolf favorites in honor of the final episodes airing soon and the end getting closer and closer.


  • Episode – out of every single episode of Teen Wolf, my favorite would have to be the Magic Bullet episode in season 1; I love this episode because A) lots of Derek Hale B) Lots of Sterek moments C) Scott and Allison make me smile.
  • Ship – Scott and Allison of course. Even though I thought Scott and Kira were cute, they had nothing on Scott and his first love. And that whole ‘Allison and Isaac’ thing was just weird to be honest.
  • Male character – all of them. I love Scott because he’s brave and cares about his friends so much he risks his life for them on multiple occasions. I love Stiles because he has saved the day lots of times without any sort of supernatural abilities. I love Derek because….well he’s hot. I love Jackson because even though he was a jerk, he loved Lydia and they were a really cute couple. I love Liam because he’s adorable (side note, why couldn’t freshman at my high school like him?). I couldn’t choose one single male character because I could find something I love about all of them.
  • Female character – Lydia because she can kick some serious butt while still looking perfect. I think she’s beautiful and strong and perfect in every way.
  • Supernatural creature – the werewolf obviously, but the Hell Hound comes in a close second.
  • Supernatural character – Either Scott or Parrish because they both are gorgeous and make me smile.
  • Non-supernatural character – obviously Stiles. Even though he doesn’t have any special abilities, he does use sarcasm a lot and I relate to his use of sarcasm as a defense very well.
  • Villain – ooh, this is a tough one…honestly I think Peter Hale because he started out as a psycho but when he found out about Malia, I feel like a part of him changed for the better.
  • ‘Sciles’ moment – in the episode ‘Motel California’ where the hotel is affecting all the supernatural teens and Scott tries to light himself on fire but Stiles gives him that whole speech about them being brothers. And then Stiles is like ‘if you’re going I’m going too’ or whatever. I always tear up at that part.
  • ‘Sterek’ moment – in the ‘Magic Bullet’ episode when Derek tells Scott and Stiles he was shot with a different kind of bullet and Stiles is like ‘A SILVER BULLET?!’ and Derek’s like ‘No you idiot.’ that’s my favorite. That whole episode is a gem honestly, especially in terms of Sterek moments.
  • ‘Stydia’ moment – in the third season the ‘Fireflies’ episode when Lydia finds the body by the pool and Stiles shows up and is about to call his dad and Lydia’s like ‘I already called 9-1-1’ and Stiles goes ‘you called the cops before you called me?!’ and Lydia’s like ‘am I supposed to call you first when I find a dead body?!’ and Stiles is like ‘YEEESSSSS!!!!’ makes me laugh every time.
  • ‘Scallison’ moment – this is going to sound morbid, but when Allison is dying and Scott is trying to take her pain away and she’s like ‘I’m not in pain because I’m with you’ or whatever. I CRY EVERY TIME AT THAT PART.
  • Tear-jerker moment – when the Argents take Stiles in the second season and he comes back and that moment with his dad when he first gets back home.
  • Character that’s not a main character – Isaac Lahey. There’s just something about him that makes me swoon. I love him.

Okay guys, that’s all I have for you all today. I hope you enjoyed this post and have enjoyed 40 Days of Blogs so far. Hard to believe we only have ten days left right? Anyways, I will write again tomorrow!

-xox, dallas


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