Shark movies: Worst to Best – 40 Days of Blogs #31

Shark movies: Worst to Best – 40 Days of Blogs #31

Hey guys what’s up! Yes, I know it’s late and I have literally had all day to write this post but it’s LIL SIBS WEEKEND!!! Meaning my brother and sister are here so I’m busy hanging out with them.

Anyways! My brother actually gave me the idea for this blog post. We are currently watching The Shallows and he said I should write about the greatest shark movies from worst to best. So here they are!

3. Sharknado – other than the pretty decent actors I honestly think this movie sucked. It was just so unrealistic and I couldn’t watch more than ten minutes of it without getting bored. My brother is obsessed with the movies though so I have to endure it sometimes.

2. The last two Jaws movies – the first two were great and then Chief Brody wasn’t in the last two and they sucked. Not to mention the shark looked so much more realistic in the first ones.

  1. Jaws – I actually love this movie. I could watch it whenever and never get sick of it. Don’t ask why. It’s amazing. I could never get enough. It’s kinda bloody but I still love it.


So, that’s it. Kind of a short post today but oh well. I’ll be back again tomorrow, hopefully with a longer post! Thanks for reading fam!

-xox, dallas


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