Yes my name is Dallas, no I’m not from Texas – 40 Days of Blogs #32

Yes my name is Dallas, no I’m not from Texas – 40 Days of Blogs #32

What’s up guys! Yesterday’s post was kinda short because my siblings are here this weekend and I wanted to spend time with them but didn’t want to leave you guys hanging. But hopefully this post is slightly longer and more entertaining.

So by now you probably know, my name is Dallas. Or maybe you’re new here and in that case, hello, my name is Dallas and welcome to my blog.

I bet you’re wondering, is she from Texas? Does she live in Texas? Does she have any ties to Texas at all? And that, my friends, is the whole point of this entire blog post. To talk about my name and inform you all of how it came to be. It’s pretty great.

No, I’m not from Texas and neither are either of my parents. I was born and raised in Michigan. In the cold and snow and with the Great Lakes around me. I still live and go to college in Michigan even though I’d rather be on the beach. HOWEVER, my dad does in fact have family in Texas and we go to Texas quite often to visit them. But that is not the reason I am named what I am named.

Here’s the reason….MY DAD IS A GIANT DALLAS COWBOYS FAN. So naturally he named me after his favorite football team. My sister is named Landry, as in Tom Landry, as in first Cowboys coach. I’ve visited the Stadium, watch games on Sundays during football season, have had multiple jerseys, and that’s where my name came from.

The question I get asked the most is ‘are you from Texas?’ and the question I get asked second most often is ‘Dallas like the city?’. No to both of those. I’m from Michigan and Dallas as in the football team.

The question I would like to ask is, how come no one ever asks kids named Austin if they’re from Texas? Austin is just a more common name? Also, why are there so few girls named Dallas? I think I’ve met like maybe one other but plenty of guys. Which is always weird….

So, that’s all I really have for today/tonight. Lol, remember when I said I’d have a longer post today? Apparently I was kidding. I’m actually exhausted though and this is the best I got. Hopefully you all enjoyed the post. If you’re reading this, comment how you got your name either here or on my Facebook page. Until tomorrow familia!

-xox, dallas


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