Currently I’m….(part 2) – 40 Days of Blogs #34

Currently I’m….(part 2) – 40 Days of Blogs #34

Hello everyone!!!

So a few weeks ago I did a post called Currently I’m…. and I thought I’d make it a reoccurring post. So here we are once again!! Let’s just get into it shall we?

Currently I’m….

Reading – Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. It’s a great book about two very different characters who end up falling for each other.
Playing – nothing really. Music is playing right now from my computer….
Watching – I watched the movie Whale Rider last night on Netflix and I’m currently re-watching all episodes of Teen Wolf to prepare myself for the series finale that is quickly approaching.
Trying – to get in shape for summer and the CRUUUUUUISE I’m going on in June! It’s difficult because I despise working out but I think I’m making some progress.
Cooking – I mean…I might make some popcorn later….but I went to the cafeteria for dinner and don’t usually cook for myself in school…
Eating – nothing right now. I just had a burger for dinner. Might make some popcorn later because ever since I got my braces off I’ve been obsessed with popcorn.
Drinking – water in an attempt to get the caffeine out of my body so I can try to sleep tonight.
Calling – no one. The last person I called was my mom.
Texting – no one again. I was texting my best friend earlier but we both got busy with school stuff.
Pinning – most recently? Workouts that don’t require me to leave my room. It’s great to have an on campus gym, but I actually hate going there. I feel like everyone else is judging me (even though they probably aren’t) and I would much rather work out in the comfort of my dorm room so I can blast my music as loud as I want.
Tweeting – the last tweet I sent was ‘I just want to lay in bed and listen to @jamesmaslow music alllllll day’ because it’s true.
Crafting – still not a crafter….just a blogger.
Scrapping – I still don’t know what this is supposed to mean…
Doing – writing this blogs post and trying not to fall asleep.
Going – in 64 days I’m leaving for a cruise!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!
Loving – the fact that the semester is almost over and it’ll be summer soon.
Hating – how little sleep I’ve gotten recently.
Discovering – nothing really?
Enjoying – nothing at the moment…that makes me sound really depressed but there’s really nothing lol.
Thinking – about how tired I am and how much I do not want to work out.
Feeling – tired as always.
Hoping for – decent sleep tonight.
Listening to – Steven by Jake Miller and lowkey crying because this song hits me in the feels every time I hear it.
Celebrating – the fact that I’m all registered for classes next year.
Smelling – nothing….?
Thanking – idk…
Considering – double minoring but I don’t know in what yet…
Starting – to yawn because I’m so tired I can barely type this.
Finishing – the semester so I can relax on summer break!!

Okay guys, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and don’t mind that half the time I was writing about how tired I am. I’m gonna go but I’ll be back tomorrow!!

-xox, dallas


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