That time I…. – 40 Days of Blogs #38

That time I…. – 40 Days of Blogs #38

Hello fam! I’m back and no, my writer’s block has not cleared up yet but I do still have a new post for you all.

Since I’m having some major concert withdrawal I figured I’d talk about the last concert I went to back in December. I really am only writing this because I want to relive that night for the millionth time because it was the best night of my life. So here we go.

My first ever concert back in like 2003 I saw JoJo and Greg Raposo. It was my first concert but also the first time I met someone famous. I loved the feeling I got from seeing two of my favorite artists perform live and the adrenaline rush I got from meeting them. That’s what started my concert obsession. Since then I’ve gone to like 20 something more concerts but until recently, not another meet and greet.

Okay, now some background on who I saw.

(Ok but) First, Spencer. (If you like him as much as I do you’ll understand that little joke.) I started watching this goofball after seeing him in an Emblem 3 cover of Sugar by Maroon 5. From then on I was hooked. An Ohio native, Spencer is this R&B and Pop singer/songwriter/musician. We share similar taste in music (a big reason I like him) and he just has an incredible voice. He was supposed to be going on tour with Jake Miller and MAX this year but that unfortunately got postponed.

Next, Rajiv Dhall. I stumbled upon him through Spencer. The two are close friends. Rajiv is from Michigan (same) and graduated from Eastern Michigan University (same again). Another incredible singer with more of a rock-ish vibe. Rajiv is super sweet and funny and omg I love him so much. Here’s to hoping our paths cross again and I get to see him perform again.

So back in like October Rajiv announced this show in the Detroit area. It’s not too far away from my itty bitty hometown. Of course, I texted my mom as soon as I saw the tweet because Spencer and Rajiv?? Coming to Michigan?? Tickets are only $20?? Every ticket is a meet and greet?? Of course I want to go. My mom loves going to concerts as much as I do and said that if I buy the tickets we could go. SO I BOUGHT THEM THE NEXT MORNING. Yes I was very excited.

December 23rd seemed to take forever to get here. But finally I took my last final. Went home for a couple nights and on that Friday, woke up super excited and ready to go. At like nine in the morning. The concert didn’t start until 7:30 at night. It didn’t take too long to get there. Ugh. After waiting around, literally forever, my mom and I were on our way.

We stood in the cold for a bit because we got to the venue (The Pike Room at The Crofoot in Pontiac) kind of early. I was bouncing up and down because 1) I was excited 2) it was cold and 3) I had to pee really bad. There weren’t many other girls there which was nice because the place was small and cozy. I met a really nice girl, but I forgot to get her name. I remember she asked me who I was here for and I said both Spencer and Rajiv. And she told me she’s met and saw Spencer lots of times and that his voice was even more incredible live. She was really nice.

FINALLY IT WAS TIME FOR THE MEET AND GREET. My mom and I stood in line, like six people back. My heart was pounding at a million miles per hour. The smile didn’t leave my face. There were two girls in front of us who were as nervous/excited as I was. Then the line got shorter. And shorter. And then there were two people in front of us. And then it was my turn. I walked back. Took a deep breath. My heart was going nuts.

Let me just say, my cheeks hurt from smiling after. I walked back to where the two guys were. Rajiv says hey and Spencer does too. “What’s your name?” Rajiv asks. “Dallas.” “Are you a hugger or a handshaker?” he asks me with his beautiful smile. “A hugger,” I say. And then he was hugging me. And then Spencer was hugging me and I felt like I was flying. And then….the moment that took the night from omg yay to HOLY CRAP THIS IS INCREDIBLE: Spencer: what’s up baby? Me: *tries not to lose it and act like a mature 18 year old.* Like, this guy who I absolutely love and think is perfect and gorgeous, just called me baby….IT WAS AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND THEY WERE SO SWEET. And my mom was like “Wow you are tall Spencer!” and then Rajiv starts going on about how all of his friends are taller than him like bro I’m five foot nothing I’m so short compared to both of you. And we took our cute meet and greet pic. And I happened to mention to Rajiv that I went to Eastern and he thought it was really cool! And then I had to go so the next couple could meet these two incredible humans.

And then the concert started and that girl was right, Spencer live is so much better than Spencer from behind a screen. He sang some new originals that I’m waiting to be released and some covers. He was so cute and after every song when everyone would applaud and cheer and scream he’d be like “Awe thank you so much!” how much cuter can he get???? There were times where I’m pretty sure he looked right at me and it felt like it was just us two and he was singing just to me and it was amazing.

And Rajiv came on and made us laugh with his messed up guitar and sang One Dance by Drake which I literally only know the words to because I’ve heard it at concerts. And he’s funny and cute and sweet too. And he sang his original song Tempo apparently because Spencer made him. Then Spencer came on and they sang together and my entire night was just so perfect. And Rajiv bought mom a drink so she likes him better than Spencer. She literally texted me that as I was jamming to whatever song Spencer was singing at the moment and it made me laugh out loud. She also said she likes Rajiv better because he sang songs she knew.

Our meet and greet picture turned out really cute and both guys liked my pic when I posted it the next day on Instagram. And on Christmas morning when I got my tickets to see Jake Miller in February, mom was like “Spencer knows you’re going to see him, I told him on Friday.” Well okay then. But then the Overnight Tour got postponed so I have to wait to see Spencer. Darn.

So yeah….that’s the time I met Spencer Sutherland and Rajiv Dhall and Spencer called me baby and Rajiv found it awesome I go to EMU. Shoutout to my mom for taking me to see these two goofballs because I still don’t have my license and wouldn’t have been able to go any other way. Spencer and Rajiv, if you somehow are reading this, thanks for an incredible night and for always making me smile.

Since that night Spencer has DM’d me on Twitter which was great and Rajiv has liked a couple of my tweets and Spencer said he loved me on his Instagram live video. I can’t wait to see both of them again whenever they come back to Michigan. Rajiv, if you happen to come to EMU anytime soon, hit me up ;). Spencer, I can’t wait for you to announce tour dates because I miss seeing your face.


Okay, so that’s all I have for today. Hopefully my writer’s block clears up very soon so I have more than just some storytime post for you. Anyways, I will talk to you guys tomorrow!!

-xox, dallas



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