What I did instead of blogging yesterday – 40 Days of Blogs #39

What I did instead of blogging yesterday – 40 Days of Blogs #39

What’s up guys? I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your Sunday. I have been watching Netflix all day pretty much so it was a good day for me I guess.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Dallas what happened yesterday that you couldn’t blog?’ I wish I could tell you guys that I did something so incredibly amazing and it took up all of my time so I didn’t have time to write a blog, but that is not the case.

I went home for the weekend to get a new passport for this summer and to hang out with family etcetera etcetera…meaning I wasn’t in my dorm the whole weekend doing nothing but watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. The real reason I didn’t blog yesterday is because I completely forgot until about one in the morning. And I am lazy and didn’t get out of bed and write like I should have when it hit me that I hadn’t blogged yet.

Let me tell you what I did instead of writing yesterday’s post…..

  • I laid in bed until about 11 am – I always sleep better at home than I do at school so forgive me for being lazy for one day of my life.
  • I went and got a manicure – because sometimes you need to treat yourself. I went with my best friend since kindergarten and got some very pretty pink nails. It took way too long for me to pick a color and some random lady who was also waiting actually helped me pick it out in the end.
  • I watched Netflix – I’m currently watching 13 Reasons Why like every other girl in the world right now. I have to say I’m not too impressed with it but I’m addicted and can’t stop watching.
  • I did my makeup – which takes quite a while. My eyebrows were on fleek though so it was worth it.
  • I listened to music – because I am also obsessed with Maluma currently…have you saw him?? Have you heard his voice??
  • I went to the symphony – my dad’s boss had tickets so my mom, brother, and I went with him. It was cool, the theme was ‘Best of Hollywood’ so it was music from movies. My favorite was either Superman or Jaws.
  • I went to Meijer at ten at night – we needed laundry soap and my headphones broke so I had to buy new ones. And my brother turned on those stupid Bluetooth speakers that are on display and started dancing and thank God there was no one around because I would have literally died from embarrassment.
  • I did laundry – because why would I pay to do laundry at school when I can do it for free at home??
  • I watched SpongeBob – don’t judge me.
  • I watched Friends – the one where Rachel tells Ross she’s still in love with him.
  • I went to sleep – AND ACTUALLY SLEPT FOR ONCE!!!! Aren’t you happy for me? I actually slept pretty good too, there’s just something about being home and in your own bed….

So yeah…I probably could have blogged at some point but I just didn’t. Also, I am realizing how difficult it is to type with long acrylic nails on. HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!?

Well, that’s all I have for you guys today. Tomorrow is the last day of 40 but I think I’m gonna keep going until Lent is actually over so do not fear, daily blogs will continue for a few more days than expected!! Until tomorrow lovelies!

-xox, dallas


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