The joys of being home alone

The joys of being home alone

Hey friends!! Welcome back to Life of a Teen Chick, and yes it is almost 7:30 pm and I am just starting this post. Typical me.

Since getting done with my second semester of college I have  had a lot of downtime. I start babysitting in June but for right now I pretty much sit at home all day. I don’t have a car (or my license) yet so I can’t go anywhere. My friends all have lives of their own. Both of my parents work. So I just stay home.

However, even though that first paragraph makes it sounds like I’m complaining I am not about to load up this blog post with complaints. Oh no. I LOVE being home alone during the day. Here’s why

I can get up as late as I want. We all know how much I love to sleep right? Now I don’t have to worry about getting up for class at an ungodly hour of the morning or anything. I get to sleep as late as I want.

I get to watch whatever I want on TV. I don’t have to fight with my siblings or sit through ANOTHER episode of The Middle. I can watch whatever!!! I can watch episodes of Friends I’ve saw hundreds of times or catch up on episodes of Catfish I haven’t saw yet.

I can blast music without my family getting annoyed. I can jam to Spencer Sutherland, Austin Mahone, Hunter Hayes, or Jake Miller as loud as I want and no one is here to tell me to turn it down.

It’s quiet. With three younger siblings, my house gets pretty loud sometimes. Someone is almost always talking over someone else. The TV gets louder as the kids talk louder. There’s always some sort of noise happening when my family is home.


Yeah…that’s pretty much it. I love my family to pieces, but I enjoy being home alone during the day. But anyways, that’s all I have for today. sorry it was kind of a short post, I just needed something to write about and this was the first thing that popped into my head. Talk to you all next week!!!!!

-xox, dallas


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