Friendship is…

Friendship is…

Growing up, friendship was play dates and sleepovers. Friendship was running around during recess and sitting by each other in the lunch room. Friendship was being so excited on the first day of school when you see them in the same class as you. Friendship was birthday parties and field trips. Friendship was saving each other seats on the bus and hundreds of friendship bracelets.

Now? Now friendship is not seeing each other every single day, but feeling like no time has passed when finally reunited. Friendship is laughing so hard for so long even if it’s not that funny. Friendship is complaining about family and other friends. Friendship is random Facebook tags just to make them smile. Friendship is phone calls that last hours and three in the morning texts complaining about not being able to sleep. Friendship is spending time together, even if you’re sitting in silence on your phones. Friendship is thinking no guy is good enough for them, even if he’s perfect. Friendship is driving the backroads just to talk and catch up, and having no real destination in mind.

Friendship is being 100% honest with each other. Friendship is saying things that they might not want to hear but that makes things better in the end. Friendship is telling the truth, even if it hurts. Friendship is sticking with each other, even through the rough patches.

Friendship is laughter. Friendship is giggling until the early hours of the morning on those rare occasions when you are together all night. Friendship is remembering a funny memory at the most random time and bursting into laughter. Friendship is laughing at everything and at nothing. Friendship is using laughter as medicine, to make the other feel better.

Friendship is comfortable. Friendship is not worrying what you look like when you’re with them because you know they don’t care. Friendship is FaceTime calls with retainers in and pajamas on. Friendship is singing loudly in the car, even though your voice sucks and having them join in. Friendship is not caring if you’re thin enough, pretty enough, if your hair looks perfect, if your makeup is okay. Friendship is accepting flaws.

Friendship is sticking together. Friendship is getting through literally everything. Friendship is being there for each other. Friendship is being a shoulder to cry on. Friendship is making the other smile through tears. Friendship is being the light in the dark. Friendship is never feeling alone.

Friendship is supporting. Friendship is saying ‘go for it!’. Friendship is pushing beyond comfort zones. Friendship is cheering the other on, whether it’s to ask out that boy they’ve crushed on forever or to eat their fourth slice of pizza. Friendship is saying ‘you can do this!’ or ‘I believe in you!’ or ‘you got this!’. Friendship is not letting the other take the easy way out of anything.

Friendship is arguments. Friendship is getting pissed at each other for stupid things. Friendship is silent treatments. Friendship is anger. Friendship is fighting over boys. Friendship is not always understanding why they do the things they do. Friendship is not always easy.

Friendship is more than just a word. It’s more than seeing someone all the time and simply getting along with them. Friendship is having a bond that can withstand distance, arguments, mood swings, stupid mistakes, and drama. And true friendship is something that only few lucky people can find. I’m one of those lucky ones.

-xox, dallas




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