New music Sunday

New music Sunday

Yooooo! I’m back again! I know I didn’t post Wednesday but I’m starting to think I’m just going to post on Sunday’s because I know I will have time.

Since summer started I’ve been able to update my playlists on Spotify and discover some new artists. Normally I’d be writing this post on my music blog (which I haven’t updated in forever and probably should soon) but I like writing here so here we are.

As you all know, I love music. All kinds really. My music taste ranges from the High School Musical soundtrack to Machine Gun Kelly to Sam Hunt. It’s all over the place. If someone were to ask me my favorite song right now I wouldn’t be able to pick just one. If someone were to ask my favorite artist I’d change my answer a million times because I love so many.

Anyways, I have discovered some new artists and new songs and new albums I thought I would share them with you all so you can check them out and fall in love with them like me! In my opinion they are all very talented and I think they should be in everyone’s life. Okay, enough rambling!

  • Disposable Hero (album by Derek Luh) – as I was adding songs to my Spotify playlist simply titled ‘Flames‘ I was looking through Skate Maloley’s songs and sort of rediscovered Derek Luh (pronounced ‘loo’). I am following him on social media but forgot he had released this. So I found it and added it and now I’m obsessed with it. Especially the song ‘Just Might’. I’ve listened to that one about 100 times on repeat.
  • Selfish (Acoustic) (single by Spencer Sutherland) – my favorite thing in the world is acoustic music. I also love love LOVE Spencer Sutherland (which you all probably knew). So obviously when Spencer gave us this wonderful work of art I loved it immediately. Even though I won’t be seeing Spencer as he tours with Round2Crew (because he’s lame and not coming to Michigan) (just kidding Spencer) (kinda) at least I have this to hold me over until he comes back and we can meet again
  • The Yrs – okay. Let me be a girl for a moment. These guys are absolutely gorgeous. And I’m in love with them. Okay. I’m done for now. The Yrs (Young Reckless Saints) are a group based in Atlanta. They’re currently on tour with Austin Mahone and that’s how I found them. I saw them perform in Detroit and after one song I was hooked. Jay, Taylor, Nate, Kyle, and Dom make up this group and are all incredibly talented. They are always interacting with their fans via social media (trust me I know, they’ve all at least opened my Snapchats) and even invited the whole fanbase to their video shoot for their song ‘Party All the Time’. I’ve had that song stuck in my head since seeing them perform it live and I cannot wait for the video to come out. If The Yrs aren’t on your radar yet, they definitely should be now.
  • Privacy (single by Chris Brown) – I also don’t like Chris Brown. I think he’s an idiot. Sue me. But as much as I don’t like to admit it, I think he’s a talented singer and dancer. Plus, his song With You was one of the first songs Austin Mahone covered so I feel like I have to like his music. This song is definitely very…uh….sexual. And I probably would only listen to it in my headphones and not out loud because I have younger siblings. But it’s a good song still.
  • 2:00am in LA (album by Jake Miller) – I mentioned this in my last blog post to promote the album, but now I’ll actually talk more about it. Jake wrote and produced every single song on this entire album. It’s 100% him. It’s definitely more personal than his older stuff because as fans we all know that he put his heart and soul 110% into this. Jake Miller is definitely one of my favorite artists and it makes me so incredibly proud to see him doing what he loves and looking so happy while he’s doing it. Out of all the songs, ‘I Wish You Didn’t Love Me’ is my favorite but ‘Back to the Start’ is a close second. I can’t wait to see him live and hear these songs performed in person.
Okay guys, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you check out all of these artists, songs, and albums. Until next week lovelies!
-xox, dallas

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