i love the way you laugh,

the way you talk, the

way you smile.

i love the passion in your eyes,

the dedication on your face,

the love you have for what you do.

i love seeing how happy you are.

how in love you are.

how devoted you are.

i feel so much for you,

and you don’t even know i exist.


-xox, dallas

Jake Miller captures all the hearts with Silver Lining

Jake Miller captures all the hearts with Silver Lining

March 8, 2018 and fans are anxiously waiting for the minutes to tick by and for it to be midnight. March 9, 2018 and the day is finally here. Jake Miller, 25-year-old musician, released the Silver Lining album, greatly anticipated by fans everywhere.

Silver Lining is Miller’s third album in total, but his second album that his did all on his own. After splitting up with his record label early last year, Miller took to teaching himself how to produce his own music right from the comfort of his bedroom in Los Angeles. This left fans with an incredible sense of pride for the musician, and awaiting what they knew would be something absolutely incredible.

Starting with ‘Think About Us’, Miller sings about the actual difficulties that come with trying to move on from a relationship. The ‘Think About Us’ video premiered the Monday after the album dropped and already has over 300,000 views. With fun, upbeat songs like ‘Vibrations’ and ‘The Girl That’s Underneath’ the album has a fun, party-like vibe to it. Miller also goes back to the start and does a little bit of rapping on ‘Permanent’ where he sings about wondering if things will ever go back to how they were.

The tracks that hit fans the hardest and brought on the waterworks for some were ‘Headlights’ and ‘Be Alright’. With a voicemail from his dad, Jake transitions smoothly into the final song on the album that reminds listeners to focus on what is right in front of them, in the 100 feet that headlights light up in the darkest nights.

Jake Miller has come a long way since 2012, and he definitely doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, no matter what life throws at him. Fans can find Miller on tour starting in April and can get their tickets at his website.

Arena shows vs. small venue shows: where to go in Michigan for both

Arena shows vs. small venue shows: where to go in Michigan for both

The room is small and the sound of the drums crashing echoes throughout the whole venue. Fans press towards the stage, without being trampled or uncomfortably pushed together. The performer is close enough to touch and interacts with the crowd as if they are all old friends. People stand, either near the stage or near the bar. On this cold winter night in Pontiac, MI, a band starts their set and the fans pack into the room. Larger arena shows are nice, but smaller venues make for more intimate shows. Thankfully, both types of venues can be found in Michigan if you know where to go.

Larger venues are able to pack in more people and make more money, which is great if that’s what you’re looking for. These types of venues are definitely on the larger side of the scale for concert locations in Michigan. The Little Caesars Arena sits approximately 20,000 people on its own. Other larger venues in Michigan such as DTE Energy Music Theater sits 15,274 people according to their website. While not as large as the Little Caesars Arena, DTE Theater can still easily fit a good-sized crowd for a show.

Larger venues are also able to house more well-known artists and bands that they know will bring in a good crowd. Artists such as Harry Styles, Bruno Mars, and Maroon 5 are making their way to the Little Caesars Arena and Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, and Kelsea Ballerini are among the list of performers coming to DTE this summer. Other larger scale venues in Michigan include Van Andel arena and the Meadow Brook Amphitheater. Van Andel is located in Grand Rapids and can seat 10,834. The Meadow Brook Amphitheater can seat 7,700 and is located in Rochester Hills.

Coming to Van Andel arena this summer are popular, well-known artists such as Brad Paisley, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Fall Out Boy, Machine Gun Kelly, and Elton John. The full schedule for upcoming shows at this location can be found on the Van Andel arena website. Meadow Brook Amphitheater is also having performances by Khalid, Nick Jonas, and Jason Mraz, their schedule is also available online.

Smaller venues might not be able to bring in crazy popular artists, but they do give lesser known musicians a place to perform without the overwhelming crowd sizes that come with DTE or Meadow Brooke. These venues are also able to house other sorts of events and to give local singers and bands a chance in the spotlight. There are a lot of smaller venues located in Pontiac and Detroit and tickets are never usually as crazy expensive as they would be at one of the larger arena shows.

Not to mention, these smaller venues constantly have some sort of performance going on all the time. Whether it is a local band on the rise or a musician that people might know, just not as well as Harry Styles or Bruno Mars, concert goers can always count on a smaller venue to find something of their interest. Smaller venues, while helping lesser known artists to gain popularity and stage experience, also help to broaden the crowd’s music tastes. With tickets being on the cheaper end, it is easier to be able to attend shows for genres of music not typical to normal playlists created.

Some of the more well-known smaller venues in Michigan include The Fillmore in Detroit, St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, The Crofoot in Pontiac, and the Magic Stick in Detroit. The Fillmore has a seating capacity of 2,200, not an insanely huge arena, but still big enough for some artists with a larger fan base. Artists such as ASAP Ferg and X Ambassadors are coming to the Fillmore in the near future.

The Crofoot is a smaller space in Pontiac and is made up of three different venues in one building. The space is used for concerts of different genres, obviously, but also for weddings and other live events. While concerts at The Crofoot are mostly standing room, The Crofoot Ballroom can fit 1,100 people. The Pike Room at The Crofoot has a capacity of 250 and The Vernors Room can hold 75 people. The Crofoot has hosted more local bands in the past and artists who are still on the come up. Their schedule is online and tickets to shows can be purchased both online and at the door.

Saint Andrew’s Hall is slightly larger than The Crofoot but smaller than The Fillmore. With a seating capacity of 1,000, Saint Andrews is able to host slightly more popular musicians who have a bigger fan base than local bands might but not as huge of a fan base as say, Harry Styles does. Singers such as Andy Grammar, James TW, MAX, and Madison Beer will all be performing here later in the year.

Whether it’s a Maroon 5 show at Little Caesars Arena or a James TW concert at Saint Andrew’s hall, there’s a concert for everyone and a concert venue to fit everyone’s criteria. Concerts don’t have to mean thousands of people and seats way up in the nosebleeds, it can mean a room full of maybe 70 fans standing by the stage. Luckily, Michigan has concert venues for both of these kinds of shows.


New Music…Monday

New Music…Monday

What is up guys?! Finals week has officially begun for me and I have a lot to do these next couple of days. But I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve just been mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. And I know I won’t be able to post a New Music Wednesday this week so I thought I’d move it up to today.

Some of these artists/songs/albums aren’t necessarily new, but they’re new to me, or I just haven’t listened to them in a while. I hope you enjoy them all and go check them out so you can jam along with me!

  • Shoulders – For King and Country
  • Bad Influence – Spencer Sutherland; you guys all know that I’m in love with Spencer so maybe this isn’t a surprise, but for a while I was so caught up with new Jake Miller and Halsey music that I kind of stopped listening to Spencer for a while. But then this one started playing one day and I remembered ‘oh yeah, I’m in love with this kid’. Spencer has a new single coming out on April 27 and I am so excited to hear it and so proud of him for everything he’s accomplished.
  • I Like Me Better – Lauv
  • Showing You Off – Jake Miller; and I see him in 26 DAYS!!!!!!!!! Even though I am not sure he’s playing this on tour, I’ll get to hear other songs off the new album.
  • Love Again – Jake Miller
  • Say It To Me – Mike Naran; and no not just because I think Mike is attractive. (He is though. Have you saw him?? That smile?? That hair?? That guy?? WOW.) The guitar at the beginning of this is what hooked me honestly and I don’t think I’ve stopped listening to it….
  • Sober – G-Eazy, Charlie Puth; I looooove Charlie Puth and I loooooove G-Eazy. I might be seeing him in concert in August and that would be epic.
  • Makeout; this band is insane and I’m obsessed with their music. That’s all.
  • Flirt Right Back – Blackbear
  • Whatever – Call Me Karizma
  • Psycho – Post Malone ft. Ty Dolla $ign
  • Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People


So there’s that. All of these songs are on my ‘typical dallas‘ playlist on Spotify along with songs from past New Music blog post so you can go check that out and jam with me. Until next time, I’ll be finishing projects and taking finals the next couple of days! Deuces homies.

-xox, dallas

Seven things you know to be true if your parent is a police officer

Seven things you know to be true if your parent is a police officer

They fight the bad guys, they write speeding tickets, but a lot of people don’t know that police officers can also be some of the best parents. They teach some valuable lessons and not very many kids are lucky enough to use the famous line ‘my dad/mom can take yours to jail’. Police officers do a lot for the community, but a lot (good and bad) for their kids as well.

  • Donuts…all the time – cops love donuts and that’s a fact everyone knows. It’s really no surprise that as the kid of a police officer you learn to love donuts more than any other food. And you will know the best places to go for the bakery food in your hometown. Donuts always sound good no matter what time of day it is and trips to the store for the sweet happen quite often.
  • Your dating life is a lot more difficult – especially for girls. Police officers are intimidating let’s be honest and while every other kid might just have one scary parent, children of officers have a whole department to meet the significant other. Or to show up to take prom pictures. Suddenly the boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t just have to meet one set of parents, they have to meet the parents, the deputies, the sheriff, the undersheriff, and all of them want to know your intentions and to make sure you’re a good guy/girl.
  • You know how to protect yourself – and chances are you’ve taken your fair share of martial arts or self defense classes. You were taught how to fight at a young age and can hold your own during a fight (but only if absolutely necessary). So should something happen, you know how to punch and kick your way to safety.
  • You are one of the only ones defending cops in discussions on police officers’ use of force – because you grew up around law enforcement and you know that they’re trained to handle situations in a certain way. While everyone else is giving police officers hate, you’re one of the few who are standing up for them and pointing out that cops aren’t the bad guys.
  • There were times where your parent didn’t show up for holidays or events in school – maybe it was a sporting event, maybe it was Christmas. It’s not like they didn’t want to be there, it’s just how things worked out. The bad guys don’t take a rest day just because it’s Christmas. When you were younger it was probably more difficult, but as you grew up you understood more and made sure to tell your mom/dad all about it the next day.
  • Your friends all think your parent is SO COOL – they’re not wrong either. All parents have their embarrassing moments, sure. But yours is one of the coolest out there. All your friends love coming over to hear stories and to see the patrol car sitting in your driveway. On career days, everyone hoped that your parent would walk through the door in uniform. They wanted your mom or dad to chaperone field trips and school dances. Plus, there was always a chance you would get picked up or dropped off in the patrol car and what’s cooler than that?
  • It’s sometimes scary – other parents go to work every day and there’s always a definite possibility that they’ll come home after their shift as a doctor or lawyer or banker. That wasn’t the case for you. Your mom or dad would kiss you goodbye every day/night and neither of you knew what their shift would have in store. It could range from a presentation to a kindergarten class to a home invasion call and the guy has a gun. So when they did come home safely after their shift you made sure to hug them extra tight and be so thankful for them.

Having a mom or dad who’s in law enforcement is sometimes scary, sometimes stressful, and sometimes difficult. However, a lot of the time it’s fun and you realize how lucky you are for your parent.

-xox, dallas

an insomnia experience

an insomnia experience

Getting in bed, feeling tired, exhausted, drained. Pulling the covers up over me, the room is cold, chilly, breezy. Music plays softly, lulling me to sleep, notes, lyrics, melodies. My eyelids get heavy. The time says 10:00 pm.

And then…

I feel like I’m falling. My heart is racing. My breathing quickens to the point where I can’t catch my breath at all. My eyes snap open. I have to have been asleep for hours right? My alarm will be going off soon right? The time says 11:30 pm.

Now my eyes won’t close. My body is exhausted but my brain won’t shut up. I stare at the ceiling, listening to the late-night sounds around me. Traffic outside my window. The hum of a fan. If I’m home, the easy snoring of my sister next to me. If I’m at school, my roommate’s white noise. The time says 12:30 am.

I toss and turn, trying to find a comfortable position. I kick the blankets off because I’m hot, but a minute later need them back because I’m freezing. I lay on my back, my side, my stomach, and my back again. I curl into a ball and then stretch all the way out. I pull my hair up because it feels like it’s strangling me. The time says 1:45 am.

I’ve tried it all. Melatonin worked, but then it didn’t. I exercise a couple hours before bed. I don’t look at my phone before getting into bed. I count sheep. I read. I cut back on caffeine. I meditate. I pray. The time says 2:37 am.

I get sick of staring at the ceiling. I get out of bed. I walk to the living room to write in a journal or read some more or make a playlist. I scroll through Twitter but everyone else has gone to bed. I do homework. The time says 3:30 am.

I get bored in the living room. Heaving a sigh, I drag myself back to my bed. I sit up against the pillows with my laptop open in front of me. I start a new blog post, a new poem, a new story. The rest of the house, or dorm room, has escaped to dreamland, I’ve escaped to a new word document. The time says 4:07 am.

I’m alone with my thoughts and nothing to distract me from them. Everything I’ve suppressed during the day is crashing down the imaginary wall I’ve built. Concerns about the future. Feelings of loneliness, sadness. Frustration at my mind’s inability to stop running. Jealousy at people who can fall asleep and stay asleep. Depression. Anxiety. Sadness. Loneliness. Homesickness. All the bad emotions I’ve pushed away during the day are flooding in now. The time says 5:23 am.

Music is still playing from my phone. Maroon 5. James TW. Jess and Gabriel Conte. James Arthur. Nathan Sykes. LANY. Halsey. G-Eazy. The Weeknd. Songs I listen to every day and songs that have slipped my mind for years. Ones that everyone knows and ones only I seem to know. Time passes quickly when music is playing. The lyrics speak in a whole different way during the middle of the night. The time says 6:47 am.

The sun’s starting to come up. Birds start chirping. My room gets lighter and brighter. The world’s waking up. People getting ready to start the day. I put my arm over my face, burying my eyes in the crook of my elbow to block out the rising sun. The time says 7:30 am.

My body is so tired. The thought of getting out of bed and dealing with life stresses me out. My eyes burn from being open. My back aches from how I was laying. My hip hurts from switching positions. My arm is asleep and tingling from laying on it. The time says 8:16 am.

My eyes drift shut again. My body relaxes. My mind finally slows down. Enough for me to drift off. The time says 9:00 am.

Ands then…

My alarm goes off and life must go on, even if sleep has escaped me once again.


–xox, dallas

You can do it

You can do it

Hey you! Yes, you. You reading this. You, who have found my blog and have stuck around reading this blog post. You, who might know me or might not. You.

Maybe you’re going through something right now. Maybe you’re stressing about finals or about work or just about life. Maybe you’re feeling low, the lowest you’ve felt in a while. Maybe you’re struggling with mental illness, maybe your anxiety is through the roof. Maybe you know something’s wrong but don’t want to admit it because that would mean it’s a real thing and you have to deal with it.

Maybe you’re feeling alone. Like the whole world is against you. Like everyone seems to magically disappear right when you need them the most. Like your problems are just not as important as the problems of the people around you. Maybe you’re feeling like even in a room full of people, you’re still totally on your own. Maybe you’re feeling invisible and like people are staring right through you. Talking around you instead of to you. Maybe you feel like everyone is staring right past you.

Maybe you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing. Maybe you don’t know what path you want to take, in terms of scheduling classes or picking a college or finding a job. Maybe you thought you had a plan, and then everything started falling apart. Maybe you didn’t have a plan at all but everyone around you does and you feel pressured to get your life together even if you don’t know what you want to do. Maybe it’s scary to think that soon you’ll be out on your own, you’ll have a job of some sort, a house or apartment, and who knows if you’ll even like your job or your life at that point.

Maybe you’ve gotten lost. You’ve lost yourself. You’ve lost sight of your goals, your dreams. You fell off the path that you were on for so long and you have no idea how to get back to it. Maybe you’ve lost the person you used to be, the outgoing and fun person that people enjoyed being around and you enjoyed being. Maybe you’ve got so caught up in trying to fit in that you’ve forgotten how to stand out. You are so busy trying to make other people happy, you forgot about your own happiness. Maybe you fee….empty.

But, friends, it’s okay. I promise you can do it. This pain, these crushing feelings, this anxiety about life and how things will work out, it’s all temporary. You can literally do anything you set your mind to. You’re so so strong, even if you don’t feel it. You have gotten through so much already, maybe totally on your own.

I promise you can do it. And that God has a plan for you, even if you don’t have a plan for yourself. He’s looking at you right now, amidst all your stress, anxiety, and negative feelings and knowing that it’s part of the plan. He’s always with you, even if you feel like the rest of the world has disappeared.

All of this? All of these crappy parts of life? They’re just going to make you stronger in the end. You’re going to learn so much from these moments that seem to bring you down right now. How to be strong, how to be brave, how to know that it’s okay to not be okay, how you cannot control everything, how to focus on what’s right in front of you instead of what you can’t see.

Life is tough. Trust me I know. It’s hard to balance school and work and friends and family and still have time for yourself and your own happiness. It’s hard to paste a smile on your face sometimes when all you really want to do is cry until you have nothing left. It’s hard to accept failure and difficulties. But you wanna know a secret? You. Are. Tougher. Tougher than any curveball life throws at you. Tougher than you could ever possibly imagine. And something else? You are so so SO brave. I know it might not feel that way right now, but it is so true. You have been able to make it through so much, even if it scares the hell out of you. Pretty incredible if you ask me.

Sometimes you need to just take a step back. Instead of focusing on everything going on around you, just focus on yourself for a minute or two. Or a day. A couple days. You need to take the time YOU need to be okay again. Log off of social media for a bit. Call your mom (cuz we all know that moms give the best advice….mine usually tells me to eat chocolate and look at pictures of Zac Efron). Write in a journal, writing is a great way to get your emotions out without the whole world knowing or without anyone ever having to know that you’re feeling them. Make a music playlist of songs that make you happy. Do something you enjoy, even if it’s just watching Netflix in bed. Don’t talk to anyone if you don’t want to, they’ll understand if you need a break. Take a drive, eat ice cream, do yoga, paint, be creative. Self-care and self-love is so important, more important than working to make your friends and family happy.

So, maybe you’re going through a rough patch of life. Maybe you’re feeling a lot of things or maybe you’re not feeling anything. The point is, you can do it. You can get through this, whatever it is. I promise.

-xox, dallas