Why I back the blue

Why I back the blue

What’s up guys? I know it’s sort of been a while and my writer’s block has just been relentless. But hopefully this opens my mind and gets me going again!

I’ve wrote a few of these posts before and I always get a good response to them. Not to mention I really love writing these kinds of posts and they make me smile and realize just how lucky I am.

As some of you may know, I am the incredibly proud, lucky daughter of a police officer. I’ve wrote about it multiple times and recently had an urge to write about it again.

In my Multicultural Children’s Literature class we just finished reading the book All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. The book follows Rashad Butler, a high school, junior ROTC, basketball player and the struggle he faces as a young, African American kid. More importantly, racism and police brutality. Rashad is beaten and arrested very forcefully all because a police officer saw how he looked and immediately assumed he was a thug.

I’m not here to stand up for the officer in the book for a few reasons. One, he was definitely in the wrong. Two, just because not all cops are bad, doesn’t mean there aren’t a few who are. And three, because that wasn’t the point of All American Boys.

I’m not here to preach to you all about why you should be pro-cop or why Blue Lives Matter Too or to tell you that everyone should support every single police officer no matter the mistakes they make. No, I’m not here to tell you those things.

I’m here to tell you why I, personally, back the blue. Why I, personally, support police. Why I, personally believe Blue Lives Matter Too.

The first and most obvious reason, because of my dad. He’s the strongest guy I know and I’m not just saying that because I’m his kid and let’s be honest, what kid doesn’t think their parent is strong? I’m saying that because every single day of the week, my dad puts on that uniform and straps on his badge and goes to work, no matter what people are saying about the police force. I’m saying that because no matter how many people are openly against officers and calling them names and just hating on them, my dad goes to work. I’m saying that because in the midst of all the hate, he goes to work to try and diminish that hate and make the world a safe place for everyone.

I back the blue because being a police officer is a hard job to do. And I’m sure there will be someone out there thinking that their job is worse. I’m sure there’s people reading this right now that might disagree and say that being a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer is a tough job. But let me just set the scene for you guys so you understand where I’m coming from. Imagine going to work one day, kissing your significant other and maybe kids goodbye just like every other day. Imagine getting a call after being on your shift for 10+ hours of a home invasion. And you go because it’s your job. Imagine not knowing what to expect out of that call. It could be a false alarm and there’s nothing wrong. Or it could just be one guy you have to find and arrest. Or, it could be one guy in the house and his crew is waiting in the bushes or around the corner to ambush you. Imagine getting shot at, bullets whizzing past your head, but knowing that the most important life is the one trapped in that house that needs your help. If you want to argue that that doesn’t make the job of police officers hard, please tell me how. Every single day these men and women go to work without knowing what their shift will hold. It could be a slow night of seat belt stops, or it could be a night where you don’t know if you’ll make it back to your family.

I believe blue lives matter because I believe that cops are good people who are stuck with this bad reputation. Let’s step away from all the law enforcement situations for a second and let me tell you about a wonderful thing that happens every December. At the Meijer on Gratiot road in Shields, Michigan, all sorts of first responders join up with less fortunate kids. The event is called Shop-With-A-Hero and I can tell you for a fact that the smiles on those kids’ faces when they get to buy presents for their family members and selves, all while being accompanied by some hometown heroes are 100% genuine. I’ve volunteered for the event and watched kids’ faces light up when an officer walks over to them and holds their hands and walks them around the store. I’ve saw the smiles on kids faces when they get to pet the police dogs while officers smile down at them. I’ve saw the faces of gratitude of the parents when they watch their children pick out presents that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. And I’ve been there when presents were delivered to families who couldn’t make it to the event and saw how they thanked the officers who took the time to deliver them. Police officers do so much more than just get the bad guys. They do events like Shop-With-A-Hero and let less fortunate kids run the lights and sirens in their patrol cars and make people feel good.

I back the blue because they make some of the hardest decisions and sacrifices of their lives. They break the news to families when members pass away. They put their own life on the line to make sure someone gets to go home safely. They miss holidays and family gatherings at home to keep the streets safe. They miss their kids’ games and competitions and meets to protect people who don’t even like them. They work long hours and sometimes without anything more than some traffic stops. They see things that we can’t even imagine, bodies twisted and broken in car accidents, bullet wounds to the head, stabbings, killings, all the things our nightmares are made of.

I back the blue because of my dad. Because I know he makes tough decisions every single day and that he goes to work without knowing what the day will hold. I back the blue because I know that not every cop is bad. I back the blue because they take on situations that the rest of us run from. I back the blue because they rush to a car crash even if it means leaving in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. I back the blue because I know that my big brothers and sisters will always have my back no matter how old I get and because they all put their lives on the line so I can sleep safely at night, knowing there’s someone out there to protect me.

That’s why I back the blue.

-xox, dallas

I’ve been thinking

I’ve been thinking

I have the worst case of writer’s block but usually it clears up when I write about my faith…


I really do love being Catholic and you can read all about my favorite parts right here if you would like, but most of all, I love thinking about God and realizing just how great he is to me.

I love thinking about how the same God who created mountains and stars and the sun and moon and oceans and the trees, looked at the world and thought that it needed me too. That always makes me smile. He gave me a chance to be a part of this wonderful world he created among all the beautiful aspects of nature and life itself.

I love thinking about how I was put on this earth for a reason, especially on those days where I don’t feel so important. I was put here to make my parents parents. I was put here to be a big sister. I was put here to talk to people through my writing and to reach people all over through blog posts just like this. Maybe those are just parts of the big reason I was born to this world, but it still makes me smile to think that even though I might not feel like I belong, God sees me and knows that I am here for a reason.

I love always having someone to turn to. On days when it feels like the world is against me and I’m all alone, I can turn to my God and I know He’s there to listen and remind me I’m loved. Or nights when I can’t sleep I can talk to Him and know that He’s awake with me. I love knowing that no matter where I go or what I do I’ll always have someone on my side.

I love counting all the blessings He has bestowed upon me. From my first breath, to becoming a big sister, to all of the opportunities I have had. I know that none of these would have been possible without Him. I love that He has given me all of these things and more, even though I could never possibly do enough for Him.

I love being Catholic because I love my God with every part of me. He has done so much for me and given me more than I deserve. I love being Catholic because my God is an awesome god.

-xox, dallas


What it’s like being the first born kid

What it’s like being the first born kid

What’s up guys?! I know it’s been a while and I know I use this excuse a lot, but SCHOOL HAS BEEN CRAZY BUSY. I have projects and papers and midterms are already coming up, life is nuts. The life of a college student is a stressful and busy one. But…ON TO THE BLOG POST.

I was an only child for four years of my life. 15 years ago I became a big sister to one (annoying) fantastic brother. And then 10 years ago I was blessed with a little sister. And then seven years ago my youngest brother was born. So what is it like being the first born? Well I’m here to tell ya.

I love, love, LOVE being a big sister. I have three best friends to constantly make me smile and feel important. Three, though sometimes (most of the time) annoying, munchkins that love me even on my worst days. But sometimes it’s hard.

It’s hard to constantly worry I’m not setting a good example for them, even if I’m doing everything right. It’s hard to smile for them on days when nothing is going right and all I really want to to is cry. It’s hard to constantly be asked to babysit when all I want to do on weekends or during summer vacation is hang out with friends. It’s hard to put them before me sometimes. It’s hard to see them grow up when all I want is for them to stay little forever.

Being the first born means setting a prime example for the younger siblings. It means being dedicated to school, so your siblings follow in your footsteps. It means getting good grades in every class, even the dreaded math class, no matter how many hours of studying go into it. It means being responsible and mature, even if you’re only in sixth grade and all of your friends are still acting like little kids. It means joining sports teams and clubs to show them how to be outgoing and extroverted, even if you’re the biggest introvert in the family.

Being the first born means lots of pressure is on you. Pressure to get good grades. To graduate high school at the top of your class. To get into a good college.  To be responsible. To act respectfully to everyone. To be the bigger person even when you don’t want to. To make sacrifices.

Being the first born gives you a special bond with your parents that the others don’t have. You were their first everything. First bottle feeding. First diaper changing. First baby shower. First baptism. First ‘first day of school’ tears. First late night up with a crying baby. First, firsts. You were there first and you’ll always hold a special place in their heart.

Being the first born isn’t easy, but it comes with so many good points. You have someone to boss around. You have someone to protect. Your siblings become your best friends (and they have to do what you say because you’re the oldest). Your parents trust you. You learn how to be responsible and mature. You get good grades (not that you really have a choice). And best of all? You have someone or someone’s who love you amidst all of your flaws and look up to you. You get to be a role model and teach your younger siblings how to get through this crazy thing we call life.

Being the first born child is something I will cherish forever. Something I will never not love being. I wouldn’t trade being a big sister for the world.


-xox, dallas

Who’s The Stolen???

Who’s The Stolen???

What’s up guys!

I’m back again and I have a wonderful blog post for y’all today! I really enjoyed writing this one so I hope you guys like it too.

In my feature writing class we had to write an observation story. Basically we had to go somewhere and write about what we observed. We got this assignment two days after the Jake Miller concert, so I decided to write about that. Well, sort of. Anyways, here’s my feature story, I hope you guys like reading it as much as I liked writing it!


Who’s The Stolen?

The line curls around the building. Teenage girls chatter among themselves about the upcoming concert. Some have been there overnight, others have just arrived. In less than an hour, a select group will be let into the venue for the chance to meet the guy of their dreams. Excitement levels are high for every single girl standing in line, waiting ever so patiently for the doors to open. Jake Miller will be performing with New Jersey band, The Stolen, at The Majestic Theater in Detroit, Michigan.

The evening is warm and the sun shines brightly down on the line of fans, talking and chattering among themselves. Girls talk about favorite songs, past performances, moments they’ve been waiting for, and the general feel of butterflies in their stomachs as the moment draws nearer and nearer for VIP to enter the building. Passersby stare at the increasing line of girls swooning over the performers, wondering why this crowd is standing in the heat.

The back of the line is pressed against a fence, looking into where the tour bus is parked. As crowds of girls stand and wait, four guys walk out. Only a select few see these jean and halfway button down dressed boys looking at the swarm of girls waiting to see them perform. The few who do see the band members, scream until they realize it’s not the performer they are waiting for. One guy smiles at the line, possibly seeing someone he recognizes from other shows he has performed with Jake Miller, possibly just happy to see such an energetic crowd.

As a few girls catch sight of the band members of The Stolen, they start to wonder: who are they? What do they do? What do they sing? Who’s the band opening? ‘The Shadows’? It’s clear that at this moment, not very many people know just who The Stolen are. One girl explains to a group of others, Kevin Smart, who plays drums for Miller on tour, is also the bass player for The Stolen. But which one is Kevin?

When Kevin Smart walks out the back door of The Majestic, dressed in a purple floral button down and jeans, some girls immediately recognize him, calling his name. However, most of them are unsure who he is. Whispers go through the line, ‘ooh he’s cute!’, ‘who is he?’, ‘he’s hot!’, as Smart stands around the tour bus he and his bandmates share. The four boys, Dominick Cuce, Rob Chiarappa, Mike Chiarappa, and Smart, talk and laugh with each other as the tour bus door is opened and they are able to head inside to do what they need before doors open at 5 o’clock.

Scott Nebb, better known as Scooter to Miller’s fans, the tour manager, starts making his way down the line, scanning VIP tickets and dispersing wrist bands to those who will be allowed early entry. Nebb explains the process to fans who have never had the experience before and excitement levels rise even higher than thought possible. When the doors finally open, voices get louder with anticipation, last minute makeup checks are made between girls, lipstick is touched up, hair is finger combed once more. It’s time.

The line was thought to be long before, but in a smaller space it seems even longer. The trail of fans curls around the room, against the bar, against the barrier between the stage and the floor. Voices echo around the space, fans eagerly talking about what they expect to get out of meeting their favorite performer, girls and guys conversing about different songs having different meanings, and everyone chatting about their enthusiasm. Scooter comes around again, reminding everyone to have their phones ready and on camera mode.

As Miller makes his way to meet the first fans, The Stolen members run back and forth from backstage to the table where their merchandise will be sold before, during, and after the concert. Dominick Cuce makes numerous appearances, dressed in a black, halfway buttoned shirt, folded at the elbows, and dark washed jeans. His dark hair is styled in a way to keep it out of his eyes, though a few strands fall loose as he moves.

The Stolen’s VIP experience starts after Miller’s and fans form a line to meet and take pictures with them. Some anxiously wait, others prefer to keep their spot in the crowd for showtime. In the first few rows, girls are still wondering who these musicians are, unaware of the performers’ background. Smart runs out from the right side of the stage towards the end of the band’s meet and greet, his light brown ankle boots clicking on the tiled floor as he rushes over to meet the last few fans. Smart smiles as he walks over to the group, happy to be recognized and to be doing something he loves.

At 8 o’clock on the dot, The Stolen takes the stage. Forgetting that they don’t know lyrics, fans dance along to the rock music. The beat of the drums and the strum of guitars and bass flow through the speakers, making the whole room vibrate. Cuce pauses between the first and second songs played to remind the fans to have fun and not care what that may look like. The rock music is loud, the band members are ecstatic to be onstage, and the fans are all dancing along. The Stolen sings songs from their newest EP, Fragile Heart, as well as their EP, I’m So Dead. The energy seems to transfer from the band to the fans and by the end of the set, the crowd is buzzing. Finally, everyone is aware of who The Stolen is and Jake Miller fans are now also fans of the New Jersey band.


So yeah, that’s my observation story about The Stolen. Y’all should go check them out, I’ll link to their stuff at the end so you can find them and then you’ll be in the loop on who exactly The Stolen are. That’s all I have for today, I will write again very soon!

-xox, dallas

Links to find The Stolen:


To my ex-best friend

To my ex-best friend

To be honest, I’m not even sure you remember me, but hello,

I was thinking about the past, about the days we spent in high school, together every single day of the school year. I was thinking about how much we’ve all changed, obviously some more than others. I was thinking about how we’ve all grown, we’ve all accelerated in at least one way since those days.

Remember when our biggest struggle was not sharing a class period? Remember when all that was on our mind was the math homework we had? Remember when all we could think about was the weekend plans we had together? Remember when spring break trips we shared were what we looked forward to the most?

We used to be so close. We used to talk all the time, about everything. We used to hang out almost every day. We used to share everything, from food to secrets. We used to be best friends. What happened…?

We promised we’d stay the same, or as close to the same as we could. We promised the distance wouldn’t affect us. We promised we would get together as much as possible. I find that funny now…

I don’t think there’s really only one reason our friendship fell apart. Maybe we just started distancing ourselves and talking less and less. Maybe we fought over something stupid and insignificant. Maybe we let the draw of drama bring us in and break us up. Or maybe we found out that we weren’t as compatible as we used to be. Which is a depressing thought…

You used to be the one I called as soon as something important happened. You used to be the receiver of all my late night texts and rants. You used to be the person who’s shoulder I could lean on and who made me smile through my tears. Now you’re just a stranger….

I want you to know that I still think about you. I want you to know I see your Facebook and Instagram posts. I want you to know I see pictures of us from way back then and I smile at the smiles on our faces. I want you to know that the memories we made surface at the most random times. I want you to know that I pray for you and hope you do the same for me.

I would say I miss you, but that would be a lie. I would say I wish nothing had changed, but I’m glad they did. I would say I want you back in my life, but I don’t, at least not right now.

For now, our paths run in different directions. For now, all we have is the occasional like on a Facebook post and comment on an Instagram picture. For now, all we have are the memories from vacations our families took together and the continuous days of sports practices. For now, our lives are separate. But maybe, just maybe, one day our paths will cross again.

-xox, dallas

September Favorites

September Favorites

What’s up guys it’s Dallas and I am currently writing this blog post at 1:15 in the morning because it’s hot AF in my dorm room and I cannot sleep in this heat. Might as well be productive and get a blog post in.

Even though the end of the month is drawing near, I thought I’d talk about my favorite things this September. I did a post like this back in March during my 40(+) Days of Blogs but I haven’t done one since. So why not bring it back?


  • Song: for some reason I have had Falling by Jack and Jack stuck in my head recently. The Jacks actually just released a new song called Beg but I am waiting until I am able to listen to it with my sister over FaceTime so I haven’t heard it yet.
  • Album: obviously 2:00 AM in LA. If you read my last post, you’ll understand why. But I’m also really feeling Fragile Heart which also makes sense if you read my last post.
  • Spotify playlist: I have one that’s literally just the heart eye emoji and flame emoji, I listen to that one a lot. It’s mostly Jake Miller, Fifth Harmony, and Bebe Rexha but also has a lot of stuff you’d find on any other pop playlist.
  • Music artist(s) – Jake Miller, The Stolen (duh), Jack and Jack, Derek Luh, Fifth Harmony, Khalid, probably more that I can’t think of right now….


  • Makeup: I got a new eyeshadow kit thing called ‘Nudes’ and it shows you how to actually apply it and make it look nice. Which is good for me because I’m kind of clueless when it comes to make up. I also got a liquid matte lipstick from Five Below that I wear a lot.
  • Dry shampoo – it’s great for after my hip hop class on Monday’s and Wednesdays because I usually get sweaty and when I get sweaty my hair gets gross. This way I won’t have to shower between classes but my hair won’t look like a disaster.
  • Clothes – obviously my Back to the Start tour shirt because I love Jake Miller. But also running leggings are my new best friend and I would wear them all day every day. I don’t remember the last time I wore jeans because I have sweats and leggings.


  • Movie – Moana. I can watch that over and over and never get sick of it. My dad bought it for my sister, but she let me bring it to school with me. All of my roommates love the movie too so thank god I’m not the only one obsessed with the animation.
  • Show – I am currently watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix for the third time, but I fell in love with Atypical on Netflix and finished the only season on there in a day and a half. It’s addicting. Also, Teen Wolf, even though it’s ending this Sunday and I’m still in denial about that.
  • YouTube channel – I’ve been watching a lot of Jenna Marbles lately, today (well, yesterday now) she posted a video about her dog reviewing soap and I probably laughed too hard at it.


  • Quote: “There’s sunshine after rain…” -Jake Miller
  • September memory – the Jake Miller concert duh. It was definitely the highlight of the month and I already have a bad case of post-concert depression and want to relive the night over and over.
  • Dream I’ve had in the past month – usually I dream about kids I went to high school with but the other day I dreamt about hanging out with Spencer Sutherland (I think, I don’t really remember). That was nice.

Well guys, that’s all I have for today/tonight. I probably won’t post this until an acceptable hour, it’s currently almost two in the morning and I should probably wait for the sun to come up at least. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to y’all later!

-xox, dallas

That Time I…..

That Time I…..

What’s up guys! A lot has been going on with me these last few days, some good and some bad. But I thought writing would make me feel better so here we are.

Like I said, I’ve been going through a lot. I’ve been feeling really homesick and I won’t be able to go home for another week which sucks. If you know me, you know how much my family means to them and recently I’ve just been missing them all like crazy. Facetime dates are a must in college but FaceTime isn’t the same as getting to see them for real.

I’ve also been crazy stressed with school and everything here. I’m vice president of a pro-life organization on campus and I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing it but it’s definitely a lot of work. So amidst my school work I have things for that as well going on. Also, my sociology class is going to kill me. Spanish is great but my prof speaks really fast so sometimes it’s hard to understand. I already have a group project in Multicultural Children’s Lit which I am not looking forward to. School is so crazy, ugh.

But some good things have happened recently. Jack and Jack just released tour dates and I think I’m going to see them in November with my mom and little sister (and quite possibly meeting them) which will be a blast. I’ve been getting a lot of love from celebrities on social media recently too. Spencer Sutherland shouted me out on his Instagram live yesterday, Dom from The YRS commented back to me on his post, Rajiv Dhall liked my tweet about the blog post I wrote about him on my music blog, and there’s more but you all don’t want to read about those, they’re not as impressive if you’re not me lol.

Onto the actual reason for this blog post!

If you know me, at all, you know that I am a HUGE Jake Miller fan. After discovering him back in like 2013 with his video for his song Collide, I was hooked. He followed me on Twitter in 2014 and I’m 90 percent sure I may have cried. Jake and his music have gotten me through so much and I am so thankful to have found him when I did.

In 2015 I finally got to see him perform live in Chicago, and yes I blogged about it, and it was just the most amazing feeling ever to finally get to see him live. I was supposed to go see him again back in February, I got tickets for the Overnight tour for Christmas. It was all set…and then tour got postponed. I was devastated. Sure I wouldn’t have been super close to the stage like I was in Chicago, but I still would have gotten to see him.

So, while I was upset I wouldn’t be seeing Jake any time soon, I had new music to hold me over. And with the release of 2:00 AM in LA came TOUR DATES! The Back to the Start tour was set to start in early September and I knew that I was going to have to buy tickets. I convinced my mom that if I bought the tickets with my own money for us to go we would. With my hard earned babysitting money, I bought them. The show tickets were only $25 bucks. But….I also got myself a VIP ticket. I was going to meet Jake freaking Miller.

The show wasn’t until September 17 so I had a while to wait. My excitement never faded though. My friend Shelby also got tickets and VIP so while when I saw him in Chicago I was with people who cared enough to stand around in the heat while I fangirled over this cutie, they didn’t really care about Jake or his music like I did. But Shelby and I discovered Jake sort of together so it only made sense that we meet him together. So every couple of weeks I’d text her and be like ‘can’t wait to meet Jake!!’ or ‘so many more days until we meet him!’. I think my mom probably got tired of hearing me talk about it but I didn’t care.

When college started back up, everything felt more real. It meant that we were only like two weeks away from the big day. And then ten days. And then a week. And then four days. And then one.

I woke up the day of the concert, surprised that I had been able to sleep the night before due to my excitement. However the show didn’t start until way later and I was up pretty early. My mom and Shelby would be picking me up around 3 to go because VIP got in between 3:45 and 4:45, before general admission. Anyways, I got dressed around 2:30, and then my mom was calling me to tell me they had arrived at my dorm. IT WAS TIME.

After getting slightly lost because we missed a turn (which literally happens every time my mom and I go to a concert), we arrived at the venue. Mom dropped Shelby and I off before she went to park. The line was already around the building which was nuts. People had actually been camping out the night before. Holy crap. I love me some J-Killa but I love my bed too much more to sleep outside and wait for him.

Lucky for Shelby and I, even though we were in the back of the line we were right by a fence and could see the guys’ tour bus. After standing for maybe five minutes the openers, The Stolen came out to go to the bus before the show. And with The Stolen came Jake’s drummer who plays bass for the other band, Kevin Smart. I’m pretty sure he smiled at me but I wasn’t too sure. I smiled back though because I love him. If you read my Chicago post then you know that he selfied on my phone after that show, which was the best thing ever. img_3607So anyways, the girls in front of Shelby and I were cool but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in that section of the line who knew that those cute guys that were outside were The Stolen and were Jake’s openers. I know I explained that Kevin played for both performers more than once. But it was cool to meet other Jake fans around me as I waited to go in. My mom ended up meeting up with us in line a few minutes after Kevin left and waited with us.

Jake’s manager, Scooter, came out then and made his way down the line to give VIP members wrist bands for the show and to let us know what was happening. He was super cool and chill and WHY ARE ALL OF JAKE’S PEOPLE SO CUTE?!

Finally the line moved and VIP was separated to go in. The funny thing was that my mom wasn’t supposed to meet Jake right? She didn’t have VIP, just a normal ticket. She was gonna try and go in with us and just wait so she didn’t have to stand in line alone, but when we were lining up to go in with Scooter, some random girl had an extra VIP ticket and Scooter was like ‘first one to claim it gets it’ and my mom screams (literally) ‘ME!!!’ and ended up going in with us.

The line inside was even more insane than the outside line. We were almost at the back but I didn’t even care. After a few seconds of waiting, Scooter came out again to tell us to have our phones ready and on camera mode, not selfie mode, when we got up there, (and asked me if that made sense….literally directed the question to me (that was cool)) and then went back to get Jake. Since I was in the back I was one of the first ones to see him come out but I couldn’t even move. I nudged Shelby and pointed and my eyes got all big but I physically could not say anything. And then everyone else saw him and screamed and I could move again.

The line seemed to move slowly but 2:00 AM in LA was playing over the speakers so I was jamming to that to pass the time.

Finally we made it up to the front. I went first and it was the most amazing moment ever. I passed Jake’s photographer, Crow (follow him on Instagram), my phone and knew my mom was taking pics too on hers. I walked up and Jake smiled that beautifully, white, perfect smile at me. “Hey what’s your name?” he asks. “Dallas,” I manage to choke out with the giant smile on my face. “Cool, nice to meet you!” and then he hugged me and oh my god it was the most amazing thing. Like don’t get me wrong, meeting Spencer Sutherland and hugging him was great but he’s so much taller than me it was kind of an awkward hug. But Jake isn’t too much taller than me so it was pretty much perfect. Anyways, we took our picture and Jake thanked me for coming to see him. Earlier in the year I had wrote a letter to him and figured I should give it to him so I handed him that which he said he’d read for sure. And then Scooter handed me my phone and it was Shelby’s turn with Jake. Even my mom went up, she didn’t get a pic with him but she did say hi. (She secretly loves Jake too.)

After the meet and greet we had a while until the show started. Merch opened and my mom went and got me a shirt. The Stolen had their meet and greet but I chose to keep my spot in the crowd because at that point I was pretty much front row. Plus Kevin was the only one I knew from The Stolen and he didn’t come out until near the end of the meet and greet so I wouldn’t have known anyone else. Kevin actually walked right past my mom who was sitting in the back of the venue and she was in the middle of trying to get me to go meet The Stolen through text when he did. I then texted her and told her Kevin just walked right past and she didn’t even realize it.

So the show started, I was front row. And I was on the side that Kevin was on during The Stolen’s set. He looked right at me a few times and smiled. Well, in my general direction. The Stolen was lit. Dom, the lead singer, jumped down onto the floor and was like, right by us but only in the center, he never came to my side. It wasn’t a big deal though because I had Kevin.

Once The Stolen wrapped up, we waited a few minutes and then Jake’s band came out. Walt on bass, Mike on guitar, and Kevin on drums (shoutout to Kevin for playing two freaking sets every night and rocking them both) I was also on Walt’s side so he was directly in front of me during most of it. And then the beginning of Palm Blvd started and Jake ran out. And even though he was wearing a Detroit Tiger’s jersey and I am not a fan of the Tigers, he looked gorgeous as usual. Jake’s photographer, Crow was right in front of us for most of the show as well. He managed to get in almost every single video I took of the show but it’s fine because he’s cute. Jake played some new stuff but also took all of his day one fans (including me) down memory lane by singing tracks like I’m Alright and A Million Lives. I’m pretty sure I impressed Walt because I knew all the words and could rap along to the oldies. I vibed with him a few times during the songs. I was also, literally, in the front row, and actually held Jake’s hand as he sang Ghost which was incredible because that’s my favorite song by him.

The show was incredible and I couldn’t have asked for a better night. I am so thankful that I got to FINALLY meet my idol. Shoutout to my mom for taking me to the concert, shoutout to Shelby for jamming with me and not judging my horrible singing voice through all the songs, shoutout to Walt for vibing with me, shoutout to Kevin for being awesome, shoutout to Mike for being awesome, shoutout to The Stolen for getting me hooked on their music (go check them out on Spotify), shoutout to Scooter for everything he has done (let’s be honest, there’d be no show without him), and shoutout to Jake freaking Miller for putting on the best concert I’ve been to (I feel like I say that a lot) and for getting me through so much and just being incredible.


That’s all I have for you guys today, I hope you enjoyed this post and go check out Jake and The Stolen. Maybe you’ll fall in love with them like I did and you’ll go see them live and have as much fun as me.

-xox, dallas

Jake, Mike, Walt, and Kevin on stage
Dominick Cuce, lead singer of The Stolen
jake 1
Just a casual conversation with my idol (yeah I was totally flipping out on the inside)
jake 2
This is what passion looks like
jake 3
Right after he held my hand during Ghost
jake 4
Jake Miller, The Majestic Theater – Detroit, Michigan, 9/17/17
jake 5
I love him even though he wore a Tiger’s jersey
jake 6
I thank God for you every single night cuz believe it or not you saved my life (-A Million Lives)
jake and crow
Jake ft. Crow (isn’t he cute??)
jake and mike
Kevin’s a cutie
Told you I was close
Managed to push my way to the front row
the stolen
The Stolen
And finally, Walt, the bass player who vibed with me through the whole show pretty much